Rock, Paper, Delivers: Utah-Inspired Wedding Paper Suites

Utah landscapes–born from sand, stone and salt–inspire noteworthy, minimal suites sure to delight your guests. 

Life truly is elevated in Utah. No other state can brag about its slot canyons, arches, salt flats and mountains like we can. Utahns are surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty that inspires party scenes big and small. 

But with so much inspiration, how can a party host cut through all that inspirational clutter? Allison Baddley of La Fête Floral & Events says to keep it minimal.

“Abundance is out,” Baddley says. “It is easy to go overboard and weave too many thematic elements into the big day. Don’t try to cram everything onto your stationery because it will detract from the important information. Timeless and simple always wins.” So, let’s tidy-up like Marie Kondo does and focus on only things that spark passion.

Embrace Organic Hues

“This invitation marries blush, Burt Sienna, black and natural white to create an earthy palette,” says Ann Jager with Ann Elizabeth Print Studio, a one-of-its-kind boutique in Murray that houses both digital and traditional printing presses. “We chose modern typefaces to reflect the contemporary mood of the color palette and to reflect the style of this lovely couple.” 

Jäger recommends ordering five to ten percent more invitations than you think you will need to avoid the expense of printing a second batch. Additionally, to conserve budget, not all pieces require expensive printing methods. “For instance, use offset or digital printing for your RSVP card and splurge for letterpress on the invitations.”

Q: In addition to the invitation and RSVP card, what else do I need to complete the suite?

A: “Creating a customized postage stamp can add a lot of personality and style,” Jager says. “If you have the budget for it, a map of the area or illustration of the venue is a memorable design element.”

Layer for Minimalist Luxury

“Inspired by the crunch of the salt beneath your feet and the mountains on the horizon, this invitation suite captures the beauty of Utah’s salt flats through layers of texture and a soft color palette,” says Kacey Lauchnor of Twelve 30 Creative. 

“The modern laser cut monogram on the invitation allows the flowing lines of the Thai-marbled paper liner to show through, providing a shifting cameo as it is removed from the envelope. The cards layer over the invitation, mimicking the way the mountains rise over the salt.”

Q: How can we control the guest list?

A: Be specific when addressing the envelope. “Don’t address the invitation to ‘The Howells’ if you only wish for ‘Mr. and Mrs. Howell’ to attend,” says Lauchnor, who also recommends creating a spreadsheet. “It allows you to track how many invitations you will need so you can order appropriately.”

Give Them a Geography Lesson

“This invitation suite was inspired by Utah’s diverse landscape, specifically the red rocks of Southern Utah,” says Mikyla Marie Manu of Ink and Press Co. of her textural paper play. “This suite features a minimal design with a highlight on typography. The minimalist design emphasizes the mix of texture used with the invitation suite cards and envelopes.” 

Q: Where do we put our registry info?

A: “There are really only two places that are acceptable: your bridal shower invitation and your wedding website,” Marie Manu says. She also recommends paying a few extra dollars for a self-hosted domain. “That way, you don’t have to include square or”

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