Real Weddings: Courtney and Zach at Sundance

Whether you believe in coincidences or not, sometimes the universe takes romance into it’s own hands for a little fun and magic, well that and of course the everyday grocery list. Courtney and Zach Fonda’s initial meeting was anything but the usual story. “We always reflect on the time we met, it’s very special to us,” recalls Courtney. It wasn’t across the room at a dance party, it wasn’t two desks away in grade school, but it was across the produce section at the local grocery store in the small college town of Rexburg, Idaho. “I was instantly attracted to his smile. I told my friend that I thought that boy ‘over there’ was really cute.” And why else would you bring a friend along to the grocery store, but for them to help you select the best frozen pizza and encourage you to give your phone number out to a cute boy in the produce aisle. “By the time we had checked out, I had finally dug up the courage to take my sales receipt and quickly scribble my phone number on it. He called the next day and the rest is history,” exclaims Courtney.


Some people will scare newlyweds with horror stories of their first couple of years—warning the twosome that those will be the hardest years of their marriage, but for Courtney and Zach they never understood those warnings. For them, marriage has been the best two years of their lives, “sleep overs with your best friend, movie nights, adventures with our little pup and constantly laughing.”


For their wedding photos, photographer Whitney Justesen worked with Courtney and Zach to create a vision that matched the couples love for each other. When deciding where to shoot the magical wintry images, Sundance instantly came up and seemed like the perfect location. But just like that day in the produce aisle at the grocery store, the Universe intervened, because what would a winter photo shoot be without a flurry of snowflakes?  “We definitely did not plan for the craziest, most beautiful winter storm ever. I mean that snow was coming down. It made for the most magical images of all time,” remembers Courtney.

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“Whitney was such a dream to work with + she captured the most romantic images of my husband and I.  It was just my husband, me and my photographer wandering in the mountains. It was so amazing!” – Courtney Fonda


Photographer: Whitney Justesen
Hair: Laced Hair Extensions
Dress: Rue De Seine Bridal
Location: Sundance Mountain Resort

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