Real Wedding: Stacey + James

  1. Howd you meet

We met through one of his roommates. I got invited to a BBQ- I was friends with James’ at the time roommate whod invited me to a bbq at theier house and we met when james came home from work that day. We in college when we met.


  1. The next week we began dating and 18 months later we were married. I trapped him that next week and I did not let go. It was basically love at first sight. We got stuck and it worked for us.
  2. Proposal we knew we were going to elope. We’d told our parents and siblings that we were going to elope. We had date set but no proposal yet. Jellyfish, we’d never been to theloveland aquarium. I saw his brother ben, stacey stay put. OH This is happening in the jellyfish exhibit at the aquaruiam.


I had such a blonde moment, it took forever for me to realize what was happening.

I said yes right away. He builds furniture for interior designers. I was working with my dad, but he told me that he had a business meeting. But, I found out later that it was a meeting that james asked for my hand in marriage.


My dad wholeheartedly loved and supported our relationship and marriage.


I had a wedding to wear that dress. I knew i was ready to get married wehen I saw my dress on instagram.


We eloped after we got engaged, we didn’t wear conventional wedding attire. But we knew we would have a friends and family ceremony so that we could celebrated everyone.


My mom and I went to San Francisco to the boutique that carried the brand of this dres. I tried it on first and I tried on a few others, but I knew that one was my dress. We ordered it and it got delayed. I didn’t even get my dress until 6 days before my wedding. The first time I even bridezillad. I can’t even descreibe the meltdown I was habing for that week.


The location alta peruvian lodge, decorations. My parents and I did that.


Wedding day, James drove me up and we parted ways.


James and I like to march to the beat of our own drum . Acoustic reggae song, is it love by bob marley. Everyone was so surprised. James had so many groomsmen that they had to pair up with one another. I didn’t have enough bridesmaids.


We are going on our honeymoon next month. Going to Europe for 3 weeks. Going to Amsterdam, Paris, Rome.


My husband is part of Sigma Chi. Majority of groomsmen so they sang the sweetheart song to me, the fraternity. Only gets sung to a particular group of women.




Vendor Credits:

Dress: Riki Dalal 

Shoes: Elopement

Venue: Alta peruvian lodge

Photographer: Sean Choi –

Wedding August 13 2016.

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