Real Wedding: Michelle + Braden

Written by: Ashley Baker

Michelle and Braden began as friends in high school, but they weren’t interested in dating each other until college.

“We hung-out a ton, without ever even thinking anything of it, we were just friends,” Michelle says. “We both went on our missions and after we returned home, Braden ended up going to school at BYU.”

The duo quickly rekindled.

“We shared a mutual group of friends and we all did things together as a group,” she says. ” I quickly realized that I liked Braden. It was a little awkward at first, because we’d always just been a bunch of friends, but we went out on a few dates and really enjoyed our time together. It was all she wrote after that.”

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Vendor Credits: 
Photographer: Jacquelyn Hayward
Flowers: Soil and Stem
Venue: Ember SLC
Wedding Planner: The Gatherist, Emmily Jones
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