Real Wedding: Ashley + Cameron

Written by: Ashley Baker


For local couple Ashley and Cameron, it was love at first sniffle. “Cameron and I met December 2016. I had just moved from Alaska to Sugar House,” Ashley says. “One day while I was at church, I was extremely sick and I felt like the guy down the bench was trying to look at me, but he wasn’t.”


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“He  was sitting next to another girl, but I just felt drawn to him. I was so congested that I left soon after, not really giving that moment a second thought.”
According to Cameron, he felt sorry for the sick girl sitting on the other side of the pew. He wanted to get her a tissue, but thought it would be weird, so he didn’t. The following week at church, both Ashley and Cameron attended the dinner social.


“We ended up sitting next to each other,” says Ashley. “He invited me to his New Year’s Eve party, which didn’t actually exist yet, he planned it the day of after he found out that I was going to be there.”
“I threw the whole party for her, just so I could talk to her again,” Cameron says.


“Cameron has told a lot of people that it was love at first sight. I’ll tell you, I’ve never been so grateful to be sick before,” Ashley says.
Venues: The Clarion Gardens, Payson, UT and Yuba Lake
Gown:  Designed by the bride and sewn by Janae Robinaugh
Bride’s flowers and groom’s starfish boutonnière: Designed by the bride
Hair and makeup: The bride

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