Real Wedding: Alex & Rebekah

May 1, 2020

Photos by Kate Osborne

Rebekah’s Boss at Evereve is one of Alex’s family friends, so when the pair attended a Mumford and Sons concert separately and ran into one another, Rebekah’s boss had the opportunity to witness their interaction and decided to set them up on their first date. And, according to Alex, “the rest was history.”

After dating for four months, Alex told Rebekah that they were going on a double date with some friends up in Huntsville, where Alex’s family has a cabin and we have spent a lot of our dating. “I said we needed to stop at our property to check on some lights in the barn that my Mom has “forgotten” to turn off earlier that day. My mom and sisters had set up over 300 candles and flowers all over in the old barn,” says Alex. “We walked in and I told her how much I loved her and wanted to be with her forever. I proposed right then and she had no idea!”

The pair opted for a barnyard wedding in the same place Alex proposed to Rebekah. “When Rebekah and I were dating, the first time I showed her the old barn where I kept my tractor and some fun things in, I opened the door and Rebekah had a cool experience. Apparently, when I opened the doors to the barn she had a vision of getting married right where we ended up getting married. We thought it’d be somewhere else but because of COVID this was perfect and ended up being the perfect wedding,” says Alex.

The duo chose the ultimate love song, Cover Me Up (Morgan Wallen’s version) for their first dance.

Photographer: Kate Osborne Photography
Suit: Utah Woolen Mills Suit
Gown: The Perfect Dress
Watch: Rolex Jeweler
Florist: Willow Specialty Florist

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