Real Wedding: Adam and Isabel

Just because the temperature has taken a dive into the lower digits and just because our green mountains have turned a chilly shade of white, it doesn’t mean Utah’s landscapes have closed up shop for gorgeous wedding shoots. The windy snow and contrast of the dark pines painted a perfect winter picture for Adam and Isabel’s 2015 wedding photos.


Florist Jacelyn Bolton’s pick of dazzling reds, pinks and dark greens, popped in front of the bride’s dress. “When choosing florals for a winter wedding it is important to utilize the colors and types of flowers and foliage that fit within that season. This will help create a sense of balance with the overall look of your wedding,” says Bolton. She also warns be aware of temperature and length of the photo shoot. “If you are taking pictures for hours in the cold it is important to pick less delicate florals in your bouquet. Lilies are beautiful, but do not do well in cold temperatures, try substituting with a rose,” advises Bolton.

Although beautiful lacy gowns compliment the blankets of snow and dancing snowflakes, they don’t exactly keep the brides toasty warm. The bride remembers the day being absolutely freezing, “Under my dress I wore sweatpants and boots. The photographer actually got a picture of me running up a hill carrying my dress and you can see my sweatpants and boots underneath. But it all was worth it because these are pictures that I will cherish forever and I love them!”


Isabel first spotted Adam in the testing center of their University. They had both just finished their tests and were waiting outside for the results. She immediately noticed him and suddenly couldn’t have cared less about her test score. All she knew was she needed to be introduced to him, but wasn’t quite sure how that would happen.


As far as she knew, they didn’t have any mutual friends so she needed a plan b. She started to notice him everywhere; the Crossroads (the University cafeteria), in between classes in the halls, and eventually at the gym every day at 5 pm. “Call me a stalker, or just smart,” says Isabel, but she started to memorize his schedule and so happened to be everywhere he was. “Is this getting weird yet,” she jokes. She continued to see him around, and by some miracle found out her roommate was dating a guy who knew him. She asked her roommate’s boyfriend to set her up with Adam.

“Side note, all along I had been calling Adam “Ryan Gosling” because I didn’t know his name, but he looked like Mr. Gosling. I was seriously smitten,” confesses Isabel.

Well, those months of hard work stalking him finally paid off. They got set up on their first date and “he was not only so handsome, but he was such a gentleman,” she says. They went mini golfing, made cookies and had amazing conversation. He opened her doors, paid for her, and never once made her feel uncomfortable. “Everything was going perfectly. Luckily for me, he continued to ask me out. We had our first kiss outside my apartment, and within two months we were exclusive,” says Isabel.


She knew Adam was the one for her, and he felt the same. As young as they were (Isabel 20, Adam 23), “I knew he was my forever,” she says. On August 30, 2015 Adam and Isabel were visiting his family in Arizona. They went to get dinner at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort. When they got there, they told them it would be a 15 minute wait so Adam led her around the grounds of the resort to pass the time. He walked her to a gazebo that was lit up with beautiful music playing in the background. “I thought we were invading someone else’s event,” she exclaimed. They walked up the steps to a table setting with flowers and sat down. A server approached and asked what they wanted to eat and drink. “By this point I was stunned,” says Isabel. After they ordered, Adam pulled Isabel up to slow dance to the music in the background. After the song ended, he got down on one knee and proposed to her, “I had never felt so loved and in love,” says Isabel.


Photography: India Earl Photography
Florals: Flora + Fern
Location of shoot: Utah
Bride: @isabelbprice
Bride’s Gown Designer: Penelope in Salt Lake City, (801) 582-5010
Groom’s Formal Wear: Nordstrom

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