East Meets West: New York Couple chooses Snowy Utah

Grey Giraffe Photography is Whitney and Alan Wilbur. Their married. They have three boys. And they get no sleep.

Whitney and Alan love to collaborate with unique, soulful folks who are as excited as them about making great photographs. Their mission for photography is create authentic images for each client. Since Grey Giraffe launched in 2010, they have been lucky to meet and work with hundreds of couples. Many whom have become dear friends.

They have a very laid-back, observational approach to photographing weddings—allowing things to unfold naturally.  The personality of the clients, and the individual character of the day drive the creativity of each shoot.

Although, Grey Giraffe is based in Salt Lake City, they shoot wedding snad events all over UTah, the West Coast and throughout the world.

This particular engagement shoot took place over Thanksgiving weekend at Storm Mountain up Big Cottonwood Canyon. We weren’t planning on shooting in the snow but, as it often happens in Utah, Mother Nature had a different idea. The couple had flown in from New York City for this shoot, so rescheduling wasn’t really an option. We decided to brave the snow and make the most of it. As cold and snowy as it was, we were the only ones out there shooting, which created a really intimate and peaceful atmosphere. Spending that time together and getting to know this fun and adventurous couple was so enjoyable, and is why I do what I do.  It was a very unique and memorable experience, and we got some equally memorable photos.

Cameron Scott Kiser and Lisa Marie Wojcik were introduced by Lisa’s cousin, Gerry, in 2011.  At the time, he and Cam were roommates. Cam had just finished school and started working as a physician assistant at the Hospital For Special Surgery in New York City. On one of his rare nights off, Gerry persuaded Cam to meet up with Lisa and her friends at a bar. Cam and Lisa immediately hit it off and found they had many common interests, one being Utah—his home state and her favorite place to ski!

They had a good first date, but life got in the way and they fell out of touch. Fast forward three years to Lisa’s 29th birthday where, again, Gerry persuaded Cam to come out, this time to Lisa’s karaoke party. Drawn to her “amazing” vocal skills, Cam fell for Lisa all over again. Lisa was impressed with Cam’s rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and a text the next day led to a second first date. The rest is history!

Cam proposed to Lisa on June 22, 2016 at one of their favorite spots in Manhattan, Carl Schurz Park. Afterward they went to the restaurant where they’d had their second (first) date where both of their families were waiting; Cam’s family had flown in from Utah to surprise everyone.

When it came to engagement photos, Cam and Lisa knew Utah was the natural choice. Having grown up in Olympus Cove and later Cottonwood Heights, Cam has a special connection with the area. Lisa, a New York native, learned to ski at Snowbird when she was six years old, and has been going to Park City Mountain resort every year since.

Lisa immediately fell in love with Whitney’s work at Grey Giraffe. Originally Whitney had suggested shooting at Jordan Pines, but with a big winter storm rolling in, changes had to be made—and fast!  They ended up driving a little way’s back down the canyon to another beautiful spot, Storm Mountain.

Cam and Lisa live on the Upper East Side in New York City. She is the director of marketing at her family business, Beacon Adhesives, and Cam is a physician assistant for Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Edwin Su at Hospital for Special Surgery. The wedding is on August 26, 2017 at Guastavino‘s in Manhattan. They look forward to celebrating their new life together with their family, friends, and loved ones!

Photographer: Whitney Wilbur at Grey Giraffe Photography
Instagram: @greygiraffephotography
Email: whitney@greygiraffe.com

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