Real Couple: Megan + Derek

Written by: Ashley Baker


For Megan and Derek, it all began with her New Year’s resolution to find the perfect man to marry.


“Derek and I were childhood friends,” says Megan. “He [Derek] ended up moving into the apartment complex across the street from me. Small world! We reconnected and only spoke a few times, but I already had a crush on him.”


“He was tall and super good-looking, but he hadn’t made any moves yet,” she says. “My birthday is in September and the night of my birthday, I heard a knock at my door and my first thought was, ‘I hope it’s Derek! Sure enough, it was. I was sick at the time, so he brought me tissues and peanut M&M’s, which are my favorite. I had a feeling that my New Year’s resolution had just walked into my life. We were married nine months later, and we are so utterly happy.”










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