Pop-Up Dinner at Snuck Farm

“Snuck Farm is one of Utah’s hidden treasures,” says Mary Crafts-Homer, founder and CEO of Culinary Crafts. “The vision of a hydroponic farm was the beginning of a masterpiece—a space to create farm-to-table artisan food within the walls of artisan architecture.” Crafts-Homer and her team at Culinary Crafts have hosted and catered three pop-up dinners at Snuck Farm, all of which included the farm’s fresh-picked produce served under the soaring ceiling of the barn’s pass-through.

For salads, she served heads of baby butter lettuce fresh-picked from the hydroponic greenhouse, plated heirloom tomatoes from the garden with fresh pulled mozzarella, just-picked basil and a balsamic reduction sided with herbed olive oil and house-made focaccia. “The opportunity to serve greens, herbs and vegetables at a dinner in the same GPS location where they were grown is a foodie’s dream come true,” Crafts-Homer says.

The food isn’t the only draw. “It’s the entire experience that becomes a special memory for guests,” says Crafts-Homer, who hosts pop-up dinners in many settings across Utah. She and her team introduce  each course served, detailing where the foods come from, describing how each course is prepared and explaining what inspired the unique menu for the pop-up they’re hosting.

“We offer pop-ups so more people can experience our unique brand of catering,”  Crafts-Homer says, explaining that before the pop-ups, the only way people could enjoy their catering was to be a client’s invited guest. “Now, anyone can purchase a ticket to experience our one-of-a-kind, multi-course meals,” she says.

Visit culinarycrafts.com for their 2017 pop-up schedule and to sign up for notification of when tickets are available for sale.

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