Personalize Your Party Rentals

Hear an echo? Hello, hello, hello? Don’t let the cavernous party rental warehouses scare you. Event rentals include tables, chairs, linens and tableware that are economical as well as eco-chic. For the budget-minded, rentals save money over purchasing, and for the eco-conscious, the items are reusable again and again. But how do you avoid your bash looking like everyone else’s? Three Utah wedding designers offer advise on ways you can personalize your party rentals with lively colors, fun fabrics and fragrant blooms.

Tag, You’re It

Brynn Larson of Blooms & Co. hung paper tags in varying hues of gray from a gilded manzanita branch. Using a folding chair she rented from Diamond Rental, Larson added dahlias, scabiosa, pincushion protea, exploding grass and fragrant jasmine. Finally, Larsen’s artful penmanship inscribed “bride” and “groom” on each pre-cut sign from Papersource with a white felt tip marker.

Bright Ideas

Crystal Tatton of Every Blooming Thing is so-so on soft hues. “I’ve been loving the vibrant colors and they photograph better,” she says. With that in mind, Tatton took a rustic folding chair rented from Event Masters and draped it in a fuchsia shawl with bright yellow pompoms. This chair won’t be missed dripping with mokara orchids, coxcomb and zinnias in bright, bold colors.

Front Row at Fashion Week

Carrie Parker of White Ginger Events makes it work—to use Tim Gunn’s famous line from Project Runway—with a runway-inspired ball gown look. Taking a classic Chivari chair from RSVP Party Rental, chairbacks are capped with a polka dotted satin fabric and pinned with a dainty chiffon ruffle. Simple roses and calla lilies don’t detract from the fancy fabric or the simple frames reserving this VIP spot for the day’s queen.

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