Pantone Bride

What happens when Pantone’s colors of the year collide with some of Utah’s bridal creatives?


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The inspiration came from Chantel Lauren’s newest dress: Mae. This dress epitomizes the modern, free-spirited bride. The dress defies the traditional wedding dress with it’s rich blue color and multiple layers of tulle and dyed fabric. We accessorized the dress with two different headpieces made by Dani Hagemeister, one that was formal and elegant, and the other more edgy. The first headpiece was made of pearl teardrop earrings, and was laced into the bride’s hair. The second was made of blue gemstones, which complemented the dress and emphasized the modern, bohemian look.  We also added a minimalist veil to this look that fell simply and covered the brides face in a mysterious way. 

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This dress set the mood for the whole shoot, and led to the idea to shoot at Finca. Finca is darker and moodier inside, which creates a romantic, intimate feel. The light streaming in from the few windows is soft and dreamy. When paired with the beautiful floral wallpaper, the result is a whimsical, modern looking space. 

The light, fresh look of Finca inspired the idea to do brunch, which consisted of a yogurt bar catered by Milk Honey Yogurt. The yogurt bar included delicious flavors, such as, lavender, honey, and lemon. The flavors were adorned with fresh lavender, lemon shavings, and local honey. The toppings included dried fruit, nuts, rich colored citrus fruit, chocolate and coconut shavings–which gave the spread a natural look. Milk Honey Yogurt also created a two-layer cake, with the top layer being off-set, creating a modern, casual look. The brunch was styled to be inviting, kind of messy, and of course, delicious. 

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Paper Goods

The menus and invitation were all hand drawn by Hannah Leuk, who used a bold gold lettering on black paper. There were two styles of menus, one that matched invitation in coloring, and the other a softer pink paper, with delicate black lettering. 

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The hair and makeup, done by Abigail Hill, finished the modern, bohemian, bridal look. Shae Powder was the model, and she was chosen for her bohemian style and dramatic features. The formal hair included a messy braid laced with the pearl headpiece, and was complemented with softer, natural makeup. For the second look, the bride let her hair down and showed a messy, wavy hairstyle. The blue stone headpiece was laid on top of the bride’s hair, and stood out against the flowing curls. To really emphasize the edgy bridal look, a deep purple lipstick was applied. 

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The dinner setting, styled by Kristin Rocke, was set up in one of Finca’s private rooms, with light streaming in, highlighting the floral wallpaper in a dramatic, yet subtle way. The floral centerpiece consisted of romantic roses, purples, and rich greens. The flowers tied the blue of the dress to the soft, neutral colors for the table layout. The flowers were a little messy, with greens cascading from the vase, which emphasized the casual, edgy, theme. The table linens included a natural gray, which complemented the gray, textured appetizer plate that was on top of soft pink main dish plate. The table layout included more neutral colors, which made the vibrant pink glasses stand out. Candelabras and votives were essential to creating an intimate feel, and also provided a classic touch to an otherwise contemporary setting. The finishing touch to the table layout was the black silverware that further emphasized the edgy, modern look to the whole shoot. 

This shoot was meant to be romantic and intimate, while also feeling fresh and light. The mix of contemporary and classic aspects created something edgy and soft, and casual with formal touches. This shoot represents modern, bohemian styled brides who are free-spirited and to be authentic and to express themselves creatively.”

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Photographer: Keri Michelle Photography (@kerimichellephoto)

Venue: Finca (@finca_slc)

Florals: Nora Peterson (@norapeterson)

Stylist: Kristin Rocke (@krockedesign)

Calligraphy and Handlettering: Hannah Leuk (@hanbanan)

Headpieces and Veils: Dani Hegemeister (@dananihandmade)

Videographer: Shey Allen (@shey_allen)

Model: Shae Powder (@shaepowder)

Dress and Designer: Chantel Lauren Designs (@chantellaurendesigns)

Yogurt Bar and Cake: Milk Honey Yogurt (@milkhoneyyogurt)

Hair and Makeup: Abigail Hill (@styledbyabigail)

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