Music to My Ears: DJ Pauly

Shotskis, video booths, cornhole games, afterparties? These days, weddings are so much more than dinner and dancing. Three experts weigh in on how to keep your guests on their toes all night long.

DJPauly has been on the radio since he was a teen. “I love music. At the of age 15, I started my first on-air job in radio.” He’s been making music magic ever since, but he says there’s much more to manning weddings than pressing play. What question should couples ask every DJ they interview?

“Have you had any formal MC or DJ training?” DJPauly says. “Anybody can buy a laptop and some big speakers and call themselves a wedding DJ, but a true Master of Ceremonies will do so much more than playing your favorite jams. Make sure your DJ has enough training or real event experience to read and truly engage with your guests. Request a meeting or video chat with them before you book to see if they’ll be a good fit personality-wise.”

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