Midway Mystic: Tayler + Zach’s Midway, Utah Elopement

A surprise love for an AirBnb property sparked a stunning, simple, greenery-backed bohemian elopement for carefree lovebirds Tayler + Zach.


Zach and Tayler got together in what they like to call a “Cinderella Story for Millenials.” They were originally introduced by mutual friends at a bonfire. They didn’t get a chance to exchange numbers that night, but luckily Tayler was able to do some social media sleuthing and find Zach. After she followed him, he slid into her DM’s and the two have been, as they say, attached at the hip ever since. Thanks, Instagram glass slipper!

The couple dated nearly three yeas before getting eng

aged, and decided to seal the deal on their three-year anniversary on the dot.

 Zach proposed three weeks before the big day on a drive up to Snow Basin, on a gorgeous scenic overlook. He surprised Tayler by having one of their best friends there to capture the big moment.


Tayler and Zach booked an AirBnb in Midway for the wedding day, with the plan to hike to find a ceremony/elopement location. But when the party arrived, they fell in love with the property the lodging was on, and the host was kind enough to let the couple share their vows on-site.

The property offered countless picturesque locations, but Tayler and Zach picked an ivy-covered side building as the backdrop for their intimate ceremony. A close friend of the couple, Nathan Layton, officiated the ring ceremony in front of the parents of the bride + groom.

“[Nathan] knows us both very well, and has seen our relationship grow from the very beginning,” Tayler said of the close-knit ceremony.

Knowing she wouldn’t have much time to find a gown, Tayler decided to make her own wedding attire with the help of a talented friend: Natalie Workman of Natalie Wynn Design.

With the rushed timeframe, they chose a simple but extremely elegant bohemian design with a tight bodice and gorgeous cascading sleeves. Tayler gave it the flawlessly-fitting description of being full of “Stevie Nicks Vibes.” She topped off her bridal look with a long-stemmed craft flower bouquet arranged by her mother.

With the help of Tory Lynn Photography, this special day turned out to be the perfect way to celebrate the forever union of two best-friends-turned-lovers. Tayler and Zach’s fun-loving and carefree love is evident in each and every shot, making for a delightful, whimsical and breathtakingly beautiful elopement.

Scroll on through for more stunning photos, and don’t be ashamed if you shed a few happy tears. We certainly did!