Suit Yourself: Men’s Fashion

Clothier Cody Hoppes and photographer Heather Nan share in-the-know insight for picture-perfect prêt-à-porter. Whether you’re going for a classic, modern or an altogether out-of-the-box look, these local pros offer some tried-and-true men’s fashion tips that will ensure solid style for the groom and photogenic wedding photos. 


“Menswear is ever-evolving,” says Hoppes, sales manager with UWM Men’s Shop in Salt Lake City. Photographer Heather Nan agrees, but points out one timeless component: tailoring. “Tailoring is key when it comes to formal menswear,” says Nan, who has snapped countless dapper grooms. That doesn’t mean renting is out of the question, Nan says. “Rentals have stepped up to get men better suited. They offer slimmer choices and more options than ever before. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to try out options.” And if you’re opting for fast fashion in lieu of haute couture, Nan advises prioritizing flawless tailoring. 

Photo by Pepper Nix


“Don’t be afraid to add subtle hints of your personality,” says Nan. “Consider your pocket square or your shoes prime opportunities to bring some individuality to your ensemble.” This year, Hoppes predicts patterns will make a comeback. “Patterns offer people an opportunity to show off their individual style,” he says. “People are ready to get dressed up and stand out in a crowd, and we’re excited to make it happen.”


What to wear? “It all comes down to what kind of celebration you’re having,” Nan explains. “The key is to consider location and season.” A black tie affair calls for a tuxedo or a formal suit, but a more casual occasion can lend itself to a great sport coat sans tie. “My favorite textures and tones right now are rich, saturated browns during fall or winter and blue hues for the spring and summer,” says Hoppes. “There is something so timeless about a blue suit. It will never be out of style.”


If you choose to go the casual route, Hoppes is excited to introduce you to the Safari suit. “Not only is it a perfect summer staple item, but it can be paired with pants in any pattern imaginable,” he says. Pattern offers grooms the ability to make a statement, according to Nan. “When it comes to groomsmen, sometimes I think it’s better for them to have coordinated looks and for the groom to stand out with his own individualized ensemble,” she says. “Obviously there should be some level of coordination among the men, but adding a little special something like a different pocket square, stand-out shoes or a distinctly toned tie can add visual interest to the altar.” 

Men's Fashion
Photo by Pepper Nix


So, what’s on trend this year? According to Hoppes, it’s all about bold, saturated warm tones. “This is going to sound crazy, but brown is going to have a huge moment. In the right tone, it can be a stunning suit or sport coat. We’re not talking about your dad or grandpa’s brown,” he says. The bottom line, Hoppes explains, is talking to an expert about exactly what you want. “We’re here to make you look perfect on your wedding day. Bring us your ideas and we can work together to perfect your look.” 



  • The width of your tie should be related to the width of your lapel.
  • The end of your tie should hit the top of your belt buckle.
  • For a three-button jacket, sometimes button the top button, always button the middle and never button the bottom one.
  • For a two-button jacket, always button the top button. 
  • When you stand up, button your jacket. When you sit down, unbutton your jacket.
  • Always pair a brown belt with brown shoes and a black belt with black shoes.


  • Skip the belt with formal trousers. 
  • Tuxedos require a bow tie or no tie. 
  • If you wear a cummerbund, the pleats face up.
  • If you wear studs, match them to your cufflinks.
  • Don’t forget your pocket square!

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