Lilac-inspired Springtime Garden Brunch

Spring resides just around the corner. With 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year, selecting a party date may seem overwhelming. Luckily for us, stylist Erica Kopp (who also styled this fashion editorial) and photographer Megan Robinson showcase the benefits of throwing a springtime brunch. Whether for a bridal shower, engagement party or even the wedding itself, a springtime soiree harnesses the warm sun, delicate blooms and soft shadows.

Stay Co. stylist Erica Kopp explains. “Inspired by the fleeting beauty of lilac, we created this editorial to capitalize on its beauty in time. A color palette consisting of tones of lavender, plum, dusty pink and creams—links the affinity of table pieces and model—creates an inviting scene. It’s meant to be analogous to the feelings of relishing an evening soiree with close friends and enjoying the beauty of your surroundings. Location consisting of greenery and cobblestone was carefully picked to add density to the fresh elements of the editorial. Carefully aligned shadows in the images were intentionally created to add depth and to highlight the beauty in each element.”

Photographer: Megan Robinson
Film Lab: The Find Lab
Stylist / Planner: Erica Kopp
Floral Designer: Mila Adams 
Rentals: Diamond Rentals
Cake Designer: Annies Cakes
Paper Details: Ten House Brand
Model: Haley Hoffman
Table Details: Crate and Barrel
Gown: Asos

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