Releasing a lantern decorated with hopes, dreams and wishes into the sky is an age-old custom that celebrates life and evokes feelings of renewal and inspiration. This timeless tradition, experienced alongside your love and your loved ones, creates an undeniably profound and unforgettable experience. 

Tips for the perfect lantern send-off:

1. Decide who to include
Some couples may choose to include the entire wedding party in a touching lantern send-off, while others prefer to keep it simple and expensive which just the two of them. Whatever you choose, make sure to plan ahead and include the unique ceremony in your wedding itinerary.

2. Put someone in charge
A beautiful lantern sent skyward loses its touch without your guests there to see it. Placing one person in charge of organizing the crowd and, if applicable, handing out lanterns ensures your exit strategy goes off without a hitch.

3. Make sure it’s legal
Most states consider lanterns as a novelty item and therefore are permitted for an aerial release. However, its always best to contact your local state government and ensure your lantern ceremony won’t be raising any red flags. In most cases, government officials are concerned about the aftermath of the lantern’s descent. Avoid further hassle by choosing bio-degradable lanterns that won’t harm their final resting place.

Gown: Chantel Lauren
Hair: Kali Chris
Makeup: Kristen Packard
Models: Leah Galloway and Noah Jarman

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