Capturing the Bridal Beauty Amongst the Outdoors

Ashlee Fetters and Jesse Hardy met long before they fell in love and have their families to thank for it. At 12 years old, their souls first crossed paths. Jesse lived next door to Ashlee’s aunt and uncle. “I always had a big crush on him,” Ashlee says. Eight years later as young adults, they reconnected over Facebook. The school-girl crush came back and soon the two began dating. “I feel like I’m living out my 12-year-old girl fantasy,” Ashlee says. “I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.” They both admit they still give each other those young love butterflies.

Since the couple’s wedding is an outdoor garden theme, photographer Sydney Reid wanted to capture vast nature shots filled with plants and greenery for Fetters’ bridal shoot.

“When shooting a bride, you want to always make sure they stand out in the most dramatic way possible,” photographer Reid says. But capturing beauty amongst Utah’s gorgeous landscape is not always easy. Reid found the perfect little post right off the road. The sensational scene was a quick trip from the car, key for avoiding a far traverse in a wedding gown. Ideal as it was, the team fought off other photo seekers. “We had to juggle different angles and time the shots just right so we didn’t get any cars in our photos.”

Reid’s photography style is collaborative. Although she has creative and beautiful shots ideas, she believes it is important to ask the bride ahead of time for certain shots they may want or have imagined. “Because we all know brides have been dreaming of these moments for years. It’s my job to give it to them.”

Don’t forget all the details that go into a shoot. Yes, that gown is dazzling, but brides put so much thought into every last bit of their appearance. “So you want to make sure to capture ever little detail from her veil, to the way her hair is styled, the intricate lace on her gown and of course the ring.

“This shoot was so fun. Ashlee has so much personality and we could have stayed in those mountains and shot all night. She is so open minded and just went with the flow, especially when I made her test her balancing skills on the log.”

Relax and enjoy the ride. “Images turn out 100 times better when your client and you are relaxed and having fun,” Reid recommends. “It’s a thrill to capture the most important day in a couple’s life.”


Bride: Ashlee Fetters
Photographer: Sydney Reid with Sydney McCall Photography
Shoot Location: American Fork Canyon

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