Kent Christensen of Rough Hewn

Artists often pull inspiration from unexpected places.

Growing up, jewelry designer Kent Christensen was fascinated by his father’s work in his dental laboratory and realized the ways in which all the “tools, techniques and methods he used to make teeth,” combined were a creative process in themselves. So he tried experimenting in the same medium to make something else creative and even more beautiful: jewelry. He learned by practicing with pieces for friends and family, and “found it rewarding to be able to create something others appreciated,” he says.

Apart from dental technology, a good deal of his life experiences have inspired his work in a comprehensive way – a lot of that being time spent outdoors and in nature, surfing and backpacking, and even more specific areas such as archaeology, ceramics and many other forms of art.


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One of the trademarks of Kent’s work is the inherent beauty in each piece. By using earth’s natural elements — “gold, silver, endless stones and gems” — and carefully picking out pieces that are unique and artistic on their own, he is able to utilize that natural beauty to enhance his work. He says: “I try to choose particular stones that are naturally artistic, then try to compliment it with a frame of precious metal in free form. I, hopefully, will match the natural art of that stone … I love the creative and more contemporary designs, but I feel there is as much art and beauty in a simple and subtle band.”

This view seems to set him apart from many others in the industry, traditionally speaking. He mentions that ones of his goals is to “get away from traditional design a bit.” “I don’t like prongs… although I appreciate the fine workmanship coming from fine jewelry stores, I’m a little bored. I prefer pieces that pop in a different way and have value as well.”


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One of the most rewarding aspects of his work, and what he says is the most important thing to him, “is the reaction, then satisfaction, of those who consider my work meaningful enough to wear or to give.” He designs ten to twelve pieces in a week’s time, and loves challenging work, work in which ” materials and design come together in a type of organized chaos.”

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For more, visit Kent’s Instagram (@rough.hewn) or new site here.

He can also be contacted for orders at

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