Tessa Barton, wedding photographer, talks lipstick, managing career and beauty, and her idea of a night out.

Tessa Barton Wedding Photographer
I grew up in a home full of artists, where everyone is super creative. I was always encouraged to create and try new things.  My style is ever-changing depending on the way my life is going. Growing up in Utah allowed me to create a palette unique to me, pulling from all of my favorite lifestyles and putting it into one.
My style ranges from layering and loud colors to monochromatic soft blends. I don’t ever feel like I am dressing up, more just getting dressed. I let my clothes speak to me, always putting on way too much jewelry and going with the flow, it’s definitely an organized mess. I like clothes that come alive, have a story to tell, a personality. Clothing speaks just as much as your voice, and I like to be heard.
Boots and a hat make an outfit.  Literally, I wear boots with anything — doesn’t matter the season or time of day. And a hat tops it off like a cherry!
My career has made my life a crazy and exciting adventure.  It most definitely has an effect on my routine; I don’t get enough sleep and I am constantly on the go. I have learned to live in the moment and be easy-going. Life can be crazy and you never know what’s coming next. I am constantly being pushed or pushing myself to change and to grow.  I have been lucky to get to work and connect with so many different people.  I am constantly being motivated and inspired to progress and live a happier life.
My motto is if it’s not broken don’t fix it! Your skin will tell you what it needs. My number one thing is moisturizing, keeping the skin soft and clean to prevent wrinkles and peeling is my necessity. Other than that I drink about a gallon of water a day, I sincerely think this cures all things: hydration, skin, metabolism, and energy levels! Make it easy for yourself and always have a giant container of water on hand, you will take way too many bathroom breaks, but trust me, it’s worth it!
Lipstick is a YES!! Whenever I don’t want to get ready or put on make up, if I just slap on some lipstick it looks like I took some time to get ready.  I love it all. Reds, purples, nudes. Nail polish — I usually stick to three colors: plum, coral or white. But I try not to always have my nails painted so they can grow.
I absolutely love BOOTS No7 Lift & Luminate Day Cream. I use it morning and night, it’s my favorite thing! Have to have all the time! If I could only have two products in my makeup bag it would be Benefits Mascara “They’re Real!” and my liquid eye liner —Stay All Day by Stila. Other than that I keep it pretty simple. Always have a nude lipstick on hand.
I am currently crushing on rose water. It’s easy to find and always a classic.
I am also a sucker for a plum lip year-round. I think that gives an edgy-sophisticated look to anything.  I already over-accessorize day and night, but one can never have too many accessories.
Tessa Barton Running Zions Off Duty
Anything that involves music. Whether it’s writing a new song, playing a show, or going to a concert . . .
I am also a sucker for good eats. So a night out would have to involve a fantastic dinner somewhere or even doing a little of the cooking ourselves. But lets be honest… What actually sounds better than a fall canyon cruise, listening to Fleetwood Mac, and ending with a campfire tinfoil dinner under the stars?
As told to Utah Bride & Groom magazine
To see more of Tessa’s work and style, visit her website:http://www.tessabarton.com