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I spent most of my upbringing in Alpine, UT and have been fortunate enough to travel extensively throughout my youth and adulthood. I’ve taken a little piece of every city with me through things such as a souvenir, a piece of clothing or a simple sketch done while people watching.

My mother is an artist and always filled our house with books, art, collections and history that highly influenced me. I’ve always been drawn to things of the past and mixing them with my present.

I have a hard time describing my style because it is so ingrained in me. I know what I like and I know what I don’t like and have always given myself room to grow and change.

If I had to narrow it down, as much as I like basics and neutral colors I think my true self will always be drawn to a floral print dress.


I don’t really know a lot about makeup or like to wear it but I do love mascara by Chanel and blush by Bobbi Brown. When it comes to skincare I don’t like to put a lot on my face but I do use Kiehl’s face lotion.

My favorite perfume is Olene by Diptyque Paris. It smells like wisteria on my skin and is intoxicating to me. I also have a candle that is ‘lilac in rain’ and is heaven.

If I’m going out I will usually throw on some lipstick, a dress and try to actually do my hair. I love lipstick; it instantly makes me feel fancy. I’m not really keen on nail polish. Dinner, drinks & dancing with my boyfriend are what I’m happiest doing.

Karley Parker Scenemakers Wedding Planner


I love to paint with watercolor or acrylic, I am currently showing my botanical series at Diabolical Records downtown. I also play shows there and other venues with the band I’m in, Muzzle Tung. I try to read as much as I can, I have a degree in English Literature so books will always be my first love.

I’ve tried to learn to leave work at work since weddings can be very mentally taxing. One thing I have learned is to trust my instinct and eye for color, shape and style and have been lucky enough to work with some amazing brides that have completely trusted me to execute their wedding based on my taste combined with their vision.

As told to Utah Bride and Groom

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