In the Life: Ashley Beyer

Ashley Beyer Finge Floral Florist


I grew up mainly here in Salt Lake City, but spent a few years living in Seattle Washington as a kid. I think Washington is such a magical place to be a kid, so many forests to explore.

I like the basics. I have always loved tailored clothes that are both comfortable and sleek. I remember being in middle school and wearing oxfords and button ups and that still hasn’t changed! I tend to be drawn to a mix of the masculine and the feminine in my clothes, and lately throwing in a bit of an edge too. On any given day I’m usually wearing skinny jeans, an ankle boot of some kind and a comfy linen top.

My career has encouraged simplicity even further. I don’t have the time to spend all morning staring blankly into my closet and wanting to light it all on fire (haven’t we all been there?) so curating a good collection of nice clothes in good silhouettes has been a life saver.  I always like to step it up a bit more than my usual casual wardrobe for a night out, but I think you can dress up casual attire with your lipstick and shoes and suddenly you’re a bit more fancy.

Ashley Beyer Tinge Floral Florist


Mario Badescu Rose Facial Spray, seems funny considering I’m a florist but it really makes your skin so soft! I love it when I wake up, when I go to bed, to set my make up, etc. etc. I think I’ve been through over 10 bottles already.  I also really love Josie Maran’s Lip and Cheek Oil. Every color is gorgeous. I love a little color on the cheeks and the lips, I think it makes the whole face come alive.

Lipstick is a must. I feel naked without a little color on my lips. Since my hands are always a mess I usually skip the polish.

I’m simple. I like Cetaphil to keep my skin moisturized. I also like Josie Maran’s Argan Oil, and we can’t forget the rose spray! I also believe when you drink lots of water your skin thanks you.

Ashley Beyer Tinge Floral Florist


Traveling. Nothing excites me more than exploring new places. I’ve been fortunate to travel to Europe three times in the last 12 months. Once for work, but we left some time for exploring too. I also love spending time with my family; my nieces and nephews are my favorite people on the planet.

[Scents I love are] Autumn rain storms most definitely, home baked bread, and lately I’ve been into Elizabeth & James Nirvana White perfume.

Nothing is better than good conversation over delicious food.  I like getting a little dressed up and going out somewhere fancy every once in awhile, no phones allowed!

As told to Utah Bride & Groom

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