Here Comes the Groom: Customize Your Wedding Suit

There are many ways to dress a dapper groom, but none of them begin with a tired suit. 

When it comes to nuptial menswear, many grooms don’t know what they don’t know. As with many getting-hitched elements, there is no hard rule on what anyone should be wearing to their wedding these days. But know this, that old brown suit isn’t going to cut it. Cody Hoppes with UWM Men’s Shop shares the essential building blocks for a polished and personal wedding look. 

“We are here to help men discover what styles suit them, and what will help them look and feel their best on their wedding day,” says Hoppes. 

PHOTO courtesy UWM Men’s Shop


The first step to designing your custom suit is selecting fabric and color. UWM Men’s Shop offers nearly endless selections, and any of their fabrics can be tailored into a formal tuxedo cut. 

That construction, or canvassing, as it is known by the professionals, is customizable down to the last stitch.

It starts with the jacket. A one-button closure is the standard contemporary look, but a vintage-minded groom might opt for two, and a black-tie event might call for a double breast. Event formality also informs lapel style. The basic cut places lapel notches at the collarbone level, but a tuxedo-style cut sees them lower on the chest. 

The shoulder style is where gentlemen truly begin to shape their overall look: roped, standard, unstructured—each looks different on every body. Luckily, personalized tailoring can ensure your jacket will fit like a glove no matter your selections. 

For jacket linings, many grooms go for a simple solid, but why not open yourself—and your jacket—to some fun? “You’re mostly the one person who will see your lining, so I always encourage guys to have some fun and show off some personality,” Hoppes says. 


UWM Men’s Shop prides itself on having “perfected the trouser.” They begin with a stock trouser and build from there. More formal looks feature a tuxedo waistband and striping treatments, and any style can be customized with pleats, buckles and pockets. Their recommended pocket style is dubbed the “wide slanted,” as it lays flat, preventing a photo-spoiling pocket gape. 


White is naturally the number-one seller for weddings, but there is more to consider here. Think size and style. UWM, for example, offers four body fits per neck size, and provides options for contrasting buttons, patterns and collars.

PHOTO courtesy UWM Men’s Shop


Ties and pocket squares are the obvious and simple choice to add dashing contrast and color to a formal look, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Add flair with striking cufflinks, introduce a bit of shine with a bracelet or two, or create jackets-off visual interest with a set of smart suspenders. 


For a more formal affair, opt for lace-up wing tips. Cap toes and rounded toes are easy to pare down for more casual affairs. Loafers, sneaker soles or suede are ideal for an outdoor adventure wedding. If your ceremony is oceanside, Hoppes recommends Italian boat shoes to elevate your leisure outfit.  

From the seams of the pants to the pocket square and every stitch in between, a customized wedding suit becomes a keepsake of your big day. Relive your vows each time you don your jacket by adding a personalized inscription to your jacket’s lining. The wedding date, or a quote from your partner make sentimental additions.

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