Flowers are Forever

Abby Bengtzen, owner of Forever La Fleur on turning floral arrangements into pressed flower keepsakes.

Abby Bengtzen, owner and operator of Forever La Fleur, first started pressing flowers alongside her grandmother. In the summer months, the two would go out into the garden and create homemade bouquets before returning home to press them into cards and wall decor. 

These special moments are the reason Abby turned her hobby into her career. When she looked at the art she’d received from her grandmother, she realized just how impactful a memento these forever arrangements could be.


“I don’t think I realized how much flowers meant to so many people until I started working with brides and families preserving them. Most people have some kind of memory attached to say, their mother’s rose garden, or their grandmother’s flower patch, or a funeral or wedding. Memories come and go with the seasons and each bloom,” Bengtzen explains. “Pressing and framing those plants or flowers help to keep a small part of that memory alive with a tangible memento.”

When asked about what keeps her passionate about the art form, Bengtzen explains that she’s a lover of vintage, “Clothes, decor, manners, books, everything you can think of. Organic and natural art used to be a staple in decor, and I love that I can bring a bit of that back while still making the frames modern as well as timeless.”

Photos courtesy of Abby Bengtzen Forever La Fleur | @forever_la_fleur

Photographer: Mandi Clarke | @mandiraephoto

Florist: Stem + Bloem by Lexi Eichers | @stemandbloem

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