Flower Power

Skillfully-designed flower arrangements are the visual crescendo of any party’s symphonic style. It’s no wonder flowers are moving from tables and bouquets onto walls, floors, doors, ceilings and more.

Capturing floral art is one of photographer Heather Nan’s favorite gigs. She magnifies what most eyes miss: a tulip’s narrow neck, a rose’s ruffled lip or a peony’s fragile lashes. Luckily for florists like Tinge Floral, Soil & Stem and Honey of a Thousand Flowers, Nan—like many of her bridal clients—studies the latest and greatest floral concepts. “Right now, designers are bringing the outside in,” says Nan. “A blank studio canvas—or any venue for that matter—can be transformed into a truly unique space with floral art.” With her artistic eye, Nan shows us where blooms are popping up.

At The Door

Heather Nan Photography -Utah Wedding Photographer

Spilling with ferns and foxgloves, a courtyard door in Mexico provides a warm welcome. Sarah Winward from Honey of a Thousand Flowers and Nicole Land of Soil & Stem collaborated to create an unforgettable entryway. Gown by Reformation.

Up the Wall

Heather Nan Photography -Utah Wedding Photographer

Land’s Soil & Stem hand-built a garland out of foraged autumn ferns. By constructing, then hanging the garland from hooks in the wall, Land creates an asymmetric display of a golden ferns for a sensational photo op. Gown by Reformation.

From the Ceiling

Heather Nan Photography -Utah Wedding Photographer

Beyer forages summer’s readily available bloom: spirea. Bunches spill from the ceiling at different heights and eventually touch on the ground. The versatile design can uniquely adorn a ceremony backdrop, entryway, cake or sweetheart table. Romper by Anthropologie.

In Buckets

Heather Nan Photography -Utah Wedding Photographer

Remember how you felt the last time you walked into a floral shop? The moist air tingling your skin? The clusters of buckets filled with fresh blooms? Bring that same feeling to your wedding just like Tinge Floral’s Ashley Beyer did using foraged flowers she harvested from Utah’s hillsides. Gown by Gossomer.

Along the Aisle

Heather Nan Photography -Utah Wedding Photographer

Mimicking a stroll through a meadow of wildflowers (think Alta’s Albion Basin in June). Land builds a lush walkway of coneflowers for the aisle and carries the blooms straight to the ceremony arch. Gown by Reformation. 

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