Fit Friday: Peak 45 – A Workout Fit for Future Princess Meghan Markle

 by Andrea Peterson

First it was Grace Kelly, then Princess Diana, along came Duchess Kate and now a new royal-to-be entraps the hearts of not only Britain, but everyone around the world.

American Meghan Markel is the new ‘It’ girl. She’s got brains, talent, style and a daily health routine we can all lunge for. The royal wedding is merely months away and brides alike want her fashion-forward look and her fantastically fit body.

How does she do it? The answer is simply; Peak 45. A 45 minute work out class that is meant to be a quick and efficient way to burn fat. I don’t think there isn’t a lady in the room who wouldn’t say her busy lifestyle could use a quick and efficient way to get in shape. And if you live in or near Salt Lake City, grab your sports bra, tank top and leggings and head to Peak 45 located right in the heart of downtown.

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What is Peak 45?

Peak 45 is a class taught by certified professionals of the Lagree method based out of L.A. Sebastien Lagree developed a full body conditioning fitness method which involves the use of the Megaformer. The exercise equipment uses spring resistance to strengthen every inch of the body targeting the slow-twitch muscle fibers. Basically “time under pressure,” says Kristen Kenny, co-founder of Peak 45 in downtown Salt Lake City.

“Each exercise will be done as slow as you can go.” Removing the speed from the equation, helps build endurance and muscle stimulation. Be warned, you will get the shakes going that slow and it has become the studio’s motto. “Embrace the Shakes.”

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Kenny says “The time under tension with zero breaks increases your heart rate and activates slow twitch muscle fibers.” Thus resulting in building endurance, burning fat, strengthen the core, creating long lean muscles, improving balance and flexibility, and developing a body that is less prone to injury.

No wonder Meghan Markel is hooked. And she is not the only major celeb who has jumped on the Megaformer; Jennifer Aniston, Lady Ga Ga, Michelle Obama and Sophia Vagara are also avid Lagree method advocates.

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All levels are welcomed at the studio. Peak 45 keeps the classes relatively small to allow the teachers hands on availability to adjust or modify for each individual in the class.

For more information and class schedules visit:




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