Real Wedding: Family Barn Wedding

Nicole and Aaron
Kamas, Utah. June 20
Photographs by Mot Photography


It all started with Jan and Sherri picking the right man for the job. When they selected an electrician for their remodel, little did they know, they were actually choosing a husband for their daughter. 

While the job progressed, Sherri waged a two-front campaign; persistently coaxing Nicolle to move out to Utah, all the while constantly offering Aaron comments like, “You need to date my daughter so she will move out here.”  and, “I want my daughter to move out here; you should ask her out.” As Aaron was wrapping up the remodel, never yet even seeing Nicolle, he declared, “Sherri, I’m going to marry your daughter!” 

Family Barn Wedding


One day, while sitting in the office, Aaron saw a job come across the board for Jan and Sherri’s store that Nicolle was now running. He eagerly volunteered for the job, insisting that nobody else get it. The first day on the job, Aaron finally met Nicolle. Cupid drew back and let an arrow fly… direct hit! 

While working at the store, Sherri mentioned to Aaron that Nicolle needed a chandelier hung in her condo. He played it cool, but eagerly volunteered. Showing up, he dragged out hanging one simple light over her dinning table. They chatted and nervously laughed, but neither managed a whole lot of conversation. Nicolle confessed that she really didn’t know anyone in Park City so just stayed home or hung out at her parent’s house. Aaron offered that he spent most of his time working, or out on his Harley. He said he was living with three other guys in a small house, so while cleaning was in short supply, there was never a shortage of things going on. 

Finally finishing the light, on his way out, Aaron offered, “Since you don’t know anyone around here, if you ever want to do anything, let me know.” (what a line!) Nicolle chuckled, “OK, thanks!”

Family Barn Wedding
Family Barn Wedding


Arriving home, Aaron sat down on the couch, opened up his phone, and contemplated a text to Nicolle. He had no idea what to say but wanted to make it known that he was interested in her. In the meantime, Nicolle had texted her Mom telling her, “There is no conceivable way that this guy is even remotely interested in me.” Aaron continued sitting there staring at his blank screen unable to compose his text, but all the while claiming to his roommate about how pretty and cool Nicolle was. Then bam, a message from Nicolle. “Holy shit, she texted me!” he yelled.

The text read, “Thanks for hanging my light. If you ever want to get out of that house full of guys to hang out, let me know.”  

That started the love story of Aaron and Nicolle. Stay tuned, because this page-turner will go on chapter after chapter and then book after book! 

Family Barn Wedding


After a two-year-long engagement, Nicolle and Aaron were married at their family’s barn home in Kamas, Utah. The pair chose colors of navy, burgandy and pops of orange to pair with the striking surroundings. Surrounded by close friends and family, Nicolle and Aaron said their I do’s in front of a rustic wood and floral installation.

Family Barn Wedding

Wedding Planner: Hoopes Weddings and Events

Rentals: Diamond Rental

Catering: Culinary Crafts

Florists: Fleur and Stems

DJ: One Above Entertainment

Lighting: Moonlighting

Venue: Brides Parents House in Kamas

Dress: Galia Lahav

Rings: Shane Co.

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