Country Cool

Cuckoo for country chic? 
Photographer Jessica
White solidified her place in the “modern farmhouse” movement when she converted a 100-year-old Lehi railroad mill into a photography studio and event space. Today, White showcases a new kind of rustic charm using punches of color, feminine botanicals and opulent gems. Here’s how to get the look.

Factor in the Farmhouse

Thanks to Joanna Gaines of “Fixer Upper” fame, shiplap is now a term with which most laypersons are familiar. Farmhouse style broke free from hidden, countryside barns years ago. Now, the cozy and charming look has infiltrated city lofts, suburban ranch homes, mountain lodges and beach bungalows all over the country. White’s loft captures all of these, creating the perfect backdrop with sliding barnwood doors, painted exposed beams, worn wood floors, and—you guessed it—shiplap walls. 

Highlight a Glam Collection

Superstar design is all about the perfect balance. “With so many feminine weddings dressed in pink, we suggest alternative colors like aubergine and lilac,” White explains. Here, the team pairs barnwoods with luxe accents including geodes, raw silk ribbon and polished flatware. “By bringing in gemstones like amethyst on the table or in the bride’s jewelry, you can introduce surprise luxury to an otherwise rustic scheme.” 

Get Back to Basics

Move over gray. As with many design trends emerging from fashion, beige tones—think Caramel, Fawn, Mushroom, Sand and Cafe Au Lait—step in again as fan favorites. “It sets the perfect earthy foundation to our color scheme,” White says. “We recommend silver accents because gold is getting tired. Silver naturally flows with the cool tones of the bride’s gown and the stones.” 

Don Flashy Fashion


From her hand-dyed gown to his custom suit, formal farmhouse fashion steps it up. “Often the groom gets overlooked and doesn’t get a chance to play up his personality with his suit on the wedding day. This aubergine sports coat was just the ticket to a high-fashion statement without going overboard or overshadowing the bride,” White says. “Fashion is a sure-fire way of expressing who you are.” 

Go Wild with Botanicals

Goodbye mason-jar centerpieces. These days, wedding flowers are everywhere. So much so that florists have become architects using teams to construct chandeliers, table runners, entryway vignettes, photo backdrops and more, all from fresh-cut blooms. If you can dream it, they will build it. “It’s all about bringing the outdoors in,” says florist Mandy Ogaz of The Potted Pansy.

Play Up the Pastries

Today’s desserts must look as delicious as they taste. For proof, check out this spotlight pastry. “I worked with Cassidy of Flour & Flourish to create a cake that mimics the watercolor pattern of the gown. She artfully constructed a unique jagged edge to complement all the gemstones and their angular properties,” White says. 

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