Express Yourself: Tips for Your Engagement Shoot

Before you pose for what’s sure to feel like a million photos on your wedding day, you’ll get to spend some time in front of the lens for another very important photo session: your engagement shoot. Engagement shots are the perfect keepsakes capturing your time as a pair right before marriage, and the photos can be used for everything from your wedding website to your social media feed. Making your photo shoot personal to you is key. Photographer Trevor Hooper shares his secrets for ensuring your personality shines through in your shots.

engagement shoot
Photo by Trevor Hooper


Location is everything when it comes to making your engagement photos unique. Consider locations where you most like to spend time with your partner. Louise and Kurt spend as much time together as possible snowboarding and enjoying the outdoors, so action shots are the perfect way to document their love. “The goal is to choose a beautiful location that speaks to you and your partner emotionally,” says Hooper. “Keep in mind professional photographers can be one of your best resources when it comes to selecting a location, so make sure you communicate with your photographer.”


It’s easier said than done, but when it comes to capturing your love, candid moments make the best photos. The more at home you are in your location, the more comfortable you’ll act for your photographer. “Helping people feel at ease leads to much more natural candid images,” explains Hooper. “Remember: this is all about capturing your special connection. While there will always be some posing, candid photos are the best way to visually express your love story.”


Above all, embrace your connection as naturally as possible on camera. Your engagement shoot should translate the best parts of your relationship so that each and every photo in the gallery can be cherished for a lifetime. 

engagement shoot
Photo by Trevor Hooper. Planning by Hoopes Events

Bridal photography doesn’t end after the engagement shoot, see why you should book a first look session with your photography.

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