Let me stop you from making a huge registry mistake. Take my advice: Register for fine tableware.

I know what it’s like to be in your twenties registering for a wedding. When we were engaged, my now-husband and I needed EVERYTHING. We registered for pots, pans, spatulas, cheese graters, bathroom towels, a teak kettle, a griddle and bedroom sheets. We thought, “We don’t need fancy plates. We’re so not fancy people.” And now thirteen years later, I’m here to tell you that those wedding gifts didn’t last (except maybe the three wine decanters we never use).

Why should we have registered for fine china? We would still own it, we would actually use it (hello, it’s dishwasher safe) and we’d remember the people who thoughtfully gave us these heirlooms.

One of my favorite little shops on Salt Lake’s east bench has just made your guests’ lives easier. New Orientation—or New O, for short—added their wedding registry items online. Don’t worry though, couples can still go in-person for the experience of selecting their china with the gracious ladies of New O and the shop will continue to display the couple’s table setting for all to see. Now, guests—and couples if they can’t make it into the shop—can feel good about shopping locally without leaving their home internet connection.

We chatted with New Orientation owner Neena Ashton about the new online shop and here’s what she said:

What makes New O’s registry different from big-box store registries?

Every time we welcome a new bride, our family expands a little bit. We adore our brides, and helping them envision a home they’ll love is our favorite thing. We believe every home needs beautiful and useful basics, so not only do we only allow the very finest products in our store, but we like to help you along the way.
For 18 years, Sarah and I have offered a gracious guidance to help build beautiful homes and traditions for our clients’ families. In our initial meeting, we talk about what defines your style, what’s important to you, then help you use these things to build the perfect registry.
Our brides don’t just receive personalized attention when they’re in the store — all the girls at New O get to know their registries by heart, which means every time a guest comes in, we can help them through your registry. If you register for a particular china pattern because it reminds you of your grandmother’s, we’ll know that. If you always dreamed of having a matching set of crystal, we’ll know that too. Which means that when your guests come in (or check out your registry on our site), it’s more like spending time with you, and less like just looking through an overwhelming list. XO
What is the one item every bride should register for? 
This is too hard! We asked some of our New O Brides what they chose and added these to our favorites. 

Neena: The Perfect White Plate! It’s the most important beautiful basic in your home and one you’ll reach for again and again. 


Sarah: Cake knife and server. It will be with you for all of your favorite celebrations. 


Holly: The Honeymoon Flip-Flops. They leave cute “just married” stamps everywhere you walk.


Sophie: A Reed & Barton frame to display your favorite snapshot of the day.


Anna: Cute dessert plates. Not only are they awesome for leftover wedding cake, but they’ll make you happy every time you look in your cupboard or set the table.


Val Rasmussen