Drama-Packed Bridals at Spiral Jetty

If drama, epic landscapes and perfect outfits are all in your “dream wedding” category, get your Pinning fingers ready, because this shoot is simply dripping with each element. 
Real couple (and our newest #couplegoals forever) Parker and Courtney met on their missions in Copenhagen, where they learned how much they have in common. From their family background to their interests, the pair knew it was love at first sight. Courtney told photographer Kristi Price that she wanted something epic for her bridal shoot, Kristi immediately knew to take her to the Spiral Jetty. 
Robert Smithson’s Earthwork art installation on the Great Salt Lake has been there for over 30 years, but we have never seen it captured quite this magnificently. And this couple’s stunning faces certainly add to the allure. 
We are loving Courtney’s fiery updo, and how the delicate beading on her gown captures every sparkle of light across this epic landscape. Parker’s suit and tie perfectly match the bridal bouquet, which in turn highlights the blue hued backdrop of Utah.
Scroll on through this epic natural gallery stroll for more bridal inspiration and true love!

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