Diamonds Direct’s Gift Guide for Your Special Someone

It’s no secret that shopping for gifts can be a bit stressful. After all, you want to find the perfect gift for the special person in your life that truly shows them how much you appreciate your relationship. Fortunately, Diamonds Direct makes shopping for gifts easy with their wishlist features and gift guides featuring a wide variety of beautiful jewelry options to fit any situation. Chances are, you’ll even find something sparkly for yourself!

For your Girlfriend










Thinking about popping the question? Diamonds Direct offers thousands of engagement ring options, like this C. Gonshor split shank halo ring (right). Or perhaps she wants a ring unlike any other? Try out a style like stunning pear shaped style from Classique Creations with a fun matching band. 

Shop all of our Gift Guide engagement rings here.


October birthstone: Opals
February birthstone: Amethyst










Not ready for a ring? Another great gift that will always hold personal sentiment is a birthstone piece. You can easily get earrings or a pendant design if you are nervous about fishing around for her ring size, and she is bound to appreciate the personalized gift.

For your Wife









Looking for the perfect gift for your committed love of your life? Try out some stackable bands! They have been a huge fashion trend this year, and for good reason. They add the perfect touch to any outfit, she can mix and match for every occasion, AND you can add to them again whenever you need another gift idea! 😉 You’re welcome. 

Shop all stackable bands here.










Want something you know she will love, but aren’t sure about exactly how to pick out her style? No problem. Go for some classic earrings like these pearl studs from Mastoloni or some gorgeous diamond studs that will literally match everything she owns. You can’t go wrong. Plus, as an added bonus, you can take advantage of Diamonds Direct’s 110% upgrade policy to upgrade diamond studs every year. So basically, you will have an amazing gift idea in your back pocket every year for the rest of your existence. Again, you’re welcome. 

Shop gorgeous studs here.

Speaking of the 110% upgrade policy… why not upgrade her center stone? After a few years of marriage, most couples find that they can now afford much more than when they first got married, plus now you have an existing center stone you can use to trade up. Why not upgrade it for something a bit bigger or with more sparkle? Presenting the ring again will bring back all the wonderful memories and romantic sentiments from when you first popped the question, and will create a new moment showing just how far you have both come together. 

For your Husband/Boyfriend










We know shopping for your man can be tricky sometimes, but we’ve got the perfect gifts to make your job MUCH easier. One of our all time favorite gifts for men is a high quality watch, like this stunning piece from Hublot. Finding the right watch can make your man feel like a BOSS every time he leaves the house. 

Shop the best watch brands in the country here


Over time, your husband’s wedding band may show signs of wear from everyday use. If it’s time for an upgrade, this unique Henri Daussi satin finish band accented with black diamonds is truly eye-catching! With a limitless variety of styles and materials to you, you can find or create something that will be perfect for your hubby. 

Browse men’s wedding bands on our Gift Guide here.

Want something for a special occasion? Cufflinks never go out of style and are the perfect gift for a special occasion. Diamonds Direct’s Gift Guide features a variety of cuff links to fit any man’s style, but these Tacori Cabochon Cuff Links featuring black onyx are a favorite! 

Browse our selection of Gift Guide cuff links here.


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TIP: Want to make sure you have the perfect item that you are 100% confident your significant other will love? Casually get them into the store any time of year (whether it be for a cleaning, repair, or a fun night out with 

their friends), and encourage them to add items to their wishlist. They won’t ever know when/if you will purchase anything from that list, but it will give you a clear and easy list of items to pull from whenever you are in need of a gift idea. #easypeasy

There’s no need to stress when it’s time to buy gifts! Diamonds Direct’s Gift Guide makes shopping for your special someone simple. The best part? Our warranties and guarantees include complimentary services after the sale, a lifetime warranty, and so much more. Plus, you can take advantage of the 110% upgrade policy every year if you want to! So you will always have another gift opportunity in your back pocket. What sparkle on our Gift Guide catches your eye?

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