Colorful Bridesmaid Gowns That Make a Statement

Your wedding is an opportunity to make a statement. Striking floral arrangements and colorful tablescapes are all about making an impression. Why not infuse that same vibrant energy into your bridesmaid’s gowns? When dressed in vivid hues, your girl squad becomes a living expression of your personality. After all, every detail of your special day should be authentically you.

Adorning your best gal pals in powerful pigment also allows each bridesmaid to feel confident and beautiful, something that Utah’s fashion designers know all too well. Having fun with what you’re wearing is the mission of Ava Gowns. Ash Froelich, owner and local photographer, saw an opportunity in the local fashion scene to make something beautiful and unique. She created Ava Gowns to fashion dresses that are light and colorful to help make every member of the bridal party feel special and gorgeous. “People want to feel pretty and good about themselves,” says Froelich. “We embrace the feel-good aspect of what it means to wear a beautiful gown.”

Colorful Bridesmaid Gowns

Her latest collection includes aisle-ready Mia and Daisy dresses. The tulle she uses makes for a dress that’s light, flowy and cooling in the summer heat, while still remaining fashionable and wearable. And, lucky us, all of the Ava Gowns are available in a rainbow of eye-catching colors.

Photo Ready

Once you’ve said yes to the bridesmaid dress, it’s time to capture the color. We’ve rounded up the top hotspots for photographing your bridal party in Utah.

Stairs at The Gateway, 400 W. 200 South, SLC

Eva’s Bakery, 155 S. Main St., SLC

Albion Basin, Above Alta Ski Area in Little Cottonwood Canyon

Bonneville Salt Flats

La Crepe OG, 2411 Kiesel Ave., Ogden

Ritz Eats & Sweets, 250 S.
State St., Orem

Murals, 2226 S. 300 East, South
Salt Lake

City Hall, 451 S. State St., SLC

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