Color Pop: Bring Your Newlywed Nest to Life

The not-so-secret secret for bringing your newlywed nest to life is, in a word, color. Vibrant accessories, richly hued furnishings and spirited wallpaper can turn any room from blah to ahhh.

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1. Exuberance wallpaper (feature image) by Harlequin, to the trade, John Brooks Inc, SLC

2. Glass chime, $34, Ward & Child—The Garden Store, SLC

3. Alpaca throws, $310-$355 each, O.C. Tanner Jewelers, SLC

4. Stemmed glasses, $10 each, Glass House, SLC

5. Valenza curved sofa, starting at $4,489, Thomasville of Utah, Murray

6. Ochre knob bowl, $223, Alice Lane Home Collection, SLC

7. Arteriors Thom lamp, $450,

8. Paper weight, $30, Tabula Rasa, SLC

9. Woven pillows, $110 and $225, Details, SLC

*Wallpaper image courtesy of Harlequin

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