Celebration Makers 2023: Wee Bakes

Substance and style are of equal importance for Michelle Burgin, owner of Wee Bakes. She believes that wedding cakes should taste as beautiful as they look, and she has an arsenal of meticulously developed recipes to accomplish exactly that. 

“I’m huge on flavor and on unique designs,” Burgin says. “If those two things are hit, that’s a win in my book!” 

In keeping with her quest for quality, Burgin crafts all of her desserts–from cakes to cookies and beyond–entirely from scratch. With no store-bought shortcuts in sight, all Burgin’s flavors come from the source. Real fruit, hand-measured flour and rich butter are present in each recipe. 

Burgin’s top-of-the-line flavors don’t, by any means, lack in the beauty department. 

“ I never directly copy a cake. I always want to make it my own,” Burgin explains. “I always tell my couples that my creations will never be an exact replica, because I want to add my own style to it. I can take any inspiration and turn it into a magical moment for the big day.” 

“I think cakes should taste just as beautiful as they look. Everything I make is from scratch, and I develop all of my own recipes. I only make flavors that I enjoy eating. For me, flavor comes first.”

– Michelle Burgin, Owner

Ask the Expert

What’s Ahead:

I am exploring different design techniques: isomalt, rice paper, sugar work and more. I love the modern edge that these abstract elements can bring to a dessert, and that couples are more willing to branch out. 

Excited about:

This year, I will be focusing heavily on recipe development, and I have a host of new flavors up my sleeve. I hope to launch a blog soon and hopefully a cookbook in the future. 

Fresh Ideas:

Start looking for ideas early, and book your vendors well in advance. Shipping is still a huge factor, so it is always better to have your vision established with plenty of time for execution. Weddings are once in a lifetime, but it is your special day and should be exactly as you envision it. Communication makes my job easier and makes your dream closer to a reality.  

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