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“C’mon now, you can do anything for 30 seconds!” Christopher Olsen shouts into his mobile mic over the sounds of dance-club beats and blasting fans. If you’re looking to crush your big-day fitness goals (and max out calories on your smartwatch), meet Shred415. Olsen and his BFF-turned-business-partner Adria Swindle knew Shred415 was a perfect fit for Salt Lake. “We both...'s cold out there. No, this isn't the start to that famous early 2000 cheerleader romcom chant from Bring it On. No it really it's cold outside. We might be in the middle of a late winter, but the late season snow and below freezing temps are making up the difference. Unless you're an avid skier or snowboarder, going outdoors for exercise between the months of November and early April is not an option.
American Meghan Markel is the new ‘It’ girl. She’s got brains, talent, style and a daily health routine we can all lunge for. The royal wedding is merely months away and brides alike want her fashion-forward look and her fantastically fit body.
written by Andrea Peterson Happy New Year! If your current reality consists of planning a wedding, then, no doubt, you are also setting the intention of getting physically fit for the big day.  Here are some useful tips (and apps) to help you get #weddingdayready.    It’s time to take on 2018 with everything you’ve got, but don't run the marathon before...
It’s not always easy to eat healthy, especially on the go. By Aly Peterson | Photos by Tess Comrie However, after checking out a few restaurants all across Utah I came across one I fell in love with. Aubergine and Company is a fast-casual restaurant that serves a large variety of people healthy and delicious food. This company makes decisions based...
Recently, this has become one of my favorite ab routines.  It’s very efficient and the time passes quickly because you are doing each exercise for only one minute.  Get ready for some sore abs tomorrow and rock solid muscles soon after that! Complete each exercise for one minute and move to the next exercise without resting: Mountain Climbers V-Crunch Superman Planks Side Plank...
How many of you brides say “I want toned arms” as you approach the time of your wedding? I know I did!
Believe it or not, your body hears everything your mind says.
Healthier, stronger, happier
It's time to bend your way into shape