Cassie and Ryan Bridals

Zion National Park
Photos by Justine Berges

“Casie and Ryan were some of the funniest humans I’ve ever photographed,” says photographer, Justine Berges. “You know how they say you should marry your best friend? Well, I’m pretty sure this is what they mean.”

Berges is a big fan of unconventional bridals, so she was thrilled when Casie showed up to the shoot wearing Dr. Martens.

To get the perfect bridal photos, Berges captured the couple as they hiked, while intermittently taking stops to enjoy the breathtaking views and snap some sweet memories. “We made it to the top for golden hour, and that was such a special moment.”

“Casie and Ryan, you guys are the absolute best,” says Berges. “Cheers to you!”

Photographer: Justine Berges, @justineberges |
Couple: Ryan, @ryanballantyne97 + Casie, @casiekmuse

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