Carried Away: Honeymoon Luggage in Utah Shops

Style shouldn’t end with the last dance. After months of wedding prep and the marathon of a wedding, you and your new spouse are sure to be ready for relaxation. Before you say au revoir, pack right and be prepared with our favorite luggage in Utah.

Expert Tip

Alexandra Powell, TUMI’s manager at City Creek Center, has pro packing tips for every traveler. Whether you’re celebrating at a mountain resort for a long weekend or heading to the beach for two weeks, packing advice can always come in handy. Powell recommends “keeping like pieces together” and “saving space by rolling your clothes tightly.” Shee also suggests that you “try to plan your daily outfits ahead of time” and remember “cosmetic and/or toiletry bags should be packed last.”

1. Macy’s at Fashion Place, Patricia Nash Milano Large Overnighter, $299 

2. Namedroppers, MCM large travel bag, $500

3. TUMI at City Creek Center, 19 Degree Aluminum, International carry on, matte black, $995 

4. O.C. Tanner Jewelers, White Wing Duffle, $270

5. Cotopaxi at City Creek Center, Ailpa 35L travel pack, $170

6. Namedroppers, Louis Vuitton rolling suitcase, $1,997

Photos by Adam Finkle

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