Wide Open Spaces: Camp Sarika by Amangiri

Red rock peaks and mesas forged in sandstone tell a million-year-old story and invite you to tell your own.

Camp Sarika by Amangiri
Photo by Heather Nan

Camp Sarika by Amangiri delivers a rare departure into the wild, elevated by consummate comfort. This is a place where Utah’s otherworldly landscapes are celebrated and Native American culture is honored at every turn. The solitude and silence of this desert lend themselves to a splendor, entirely unique to the countless untouched miles of red rock country.

Camp Sarika by Amangiri

Camp Sarika’s canvas-topped pavilions offer the perfect contemplative, coffee-sipping locale beside a fire pit and private plunge pool, serving as an enclave of meditative seclusion in one of the most geologically dramatic places on Earth. Photos by Heather Nan.
Model Sydney Williams enjoys a fireside view. Photo by Heather Nan.

Each component of Camp Sarika is marked with sincere intentionality, right down to its deeply apropos nomenclature. Sarika is derived from the Sanskrit word for “open space” and “sky,” while Amangiri’s moniker translates to “peaceful mountain.” 

In the morning, the camp is greeted by slanted sunbeams peeking up from breaks in the flat-topped mesas­—a tranquil backdrop that offers a warm welcome to your wedding weekend. The 600 acres of peace and quiet that surround the camp suggest a stark departure from the seemingly inevitable matrimonial jitters. As the day passes, dawn’s glow transforms into boundless blue skies that light up sun-soaked limestone rocks; your celebration is officially underway. 

Floral bouquet by Decoration Inc. Photo by Heather Nan.
Brushed-gold rings by J. Brooks Jewelers mirror the desert’s golden sand. Photo by Heather Nan.

In many ways, 2020 provided everyone with the opportunity to realize what’s really important—our families, our friends and our health. As that challenging year shifts out of focus, new priorities emerge when it comes to celebrating life’s momentous events—namely, intentionality. Bringing loved ones along for new experiences and adventures, opening new doors and ensuring that those closest to you are there for the ride is at the heart of this monumental place, as it encourages you to make it “a camp of your own.” The abundance of space surrounding the camp is accentuated by its design, making the camp the ideal destination for groups or families looking for exclusive insight into the destination or a special place for a celebration in undisturbed privacy.

"Church of Dirt" at Amangiri
Botanical florals contrast with the rust-hued mesas. Decoration Inc. creates visual intrigue, juxtaposing pops of jade, fuchsia, coral and plum to create a dynamic wedding display. Photo by Heather Nan.
Jewel-toned florals by Decoration In. Photo by Heather Nan.
A bare-bones “church of dirt” structure plays off the scenery, seamlessly creating cohesion between Camp Sarika’s man-made and geological elements. Photo by Heather Nan.

As the last rays of sun fall across the desert range, the cool tones of the day explode into a horizon of vermilion, salmon and plum. That vibrant, unimpeded view proposes the ultimate backdrop for your “I dos.” Its saturation also implores you to make bold design choices that pay homage to its sheer otherworldliness. Mara Mazdzer, owner of Fuse Weddings and Events, teamed up with Amanda Hansen, owner of Decoration Inc., to do just that. “We chose to keep the ceremony site simple, while offering tonal cues that mimicked the desert sunset within the florals,” says Mazdzer. Those very tones were carried over from the rehearsal dinner, where the colors shone bolder and brighter in the desert daylight. 

Stunning warm-toned table setting. Photo by Heather Nan.
Showcasing unexpected tones of lavender, lilac, salmon, rose and pearl, the rehearsal dinner celebration takes its cues from Amangiri’s brilliant sunsets. Photos by Heather Nan

The framework for the ceremony took cues directly from the desert camp itself. “The beauty of the space is striking, so we worked to frame the space rather than impede the view,” explains Mazdzer. “That’s where the ‘church of dirt’ concept came in,” says Hansen. “It offers structural parallels to the surrounding mesas without detracting from them.”

The wedding gown by Sarah Seven boasts a clean-lined simplicity contrasting with the intricate textures that abound within the limestone rock. To complement the gown, hair stylist Tenesha Luckett chose a sleek updo that melds elegance with contemporary style. In keeping with the bride’s chic, modern aesthetic, makeup artist Janelle Ingram created a dewy glow elevated by a pop of pink on the lips. And jewelry by J. Brooks Jewelers completes the look with gold pieces that mirror the warm-toned desert surroundings. 

Stationary by Twelve30 Creative. Photo by Heather Nan.
Desert walls at Amangiri
Earthy minimalism abounds within a paper suite and florals that draw inspiration from the celebration’s backdrop. Photo by Heather Nan.

The A-list team that came together for this create this photo story understands the importance of creating a celebration that embraces the environment. The lands surrounding this amazing location make you feel as though it’s the last remnant of the truly wild west. The staggering landscape—adorned with canyons, mesas, mountains, gorges, rapids and desert—contains stories of human life that date back more than 10,000 years. This revitalized, reimagined piece of history implores all who visit to make it the setting for a story of their own.  

Desert dreaming at Camp Sarika by Amangiri. Photo by Heather Nan.


PLANNER: Mara Mazdzer, Fuse Weddings and Events

TABLE RENTAL: Diamond Event & Tent

LINENS: Fuse Weddings and Events

FLORAL, CANDLES: Decoration Inc.

CHAIR RENTAL: Decoration Inc.



PHOTOGRAPHER: Heather Nan Photography

HAIR STYLING: Tenesha Luckett

MAKEUP ARTIST: Janelle Ingram

GOWN: Sarah Seven

JEWELRY: J. Brooks

MODEL: Sydney Williams

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