Behind the Lens: Brittny Hart

Brittny Hart, owner of Brittny Love Photography, uses her skills behind the camera to weave magical stories of romance and whimsy. Whether she is bringing visions of wedding fairytales to life, or helping women on their journey to self-love through boudoir photography, Brittny brings a sense of wonder and authenticity to every project.

To celebrate her contribution to our 2022 issue, we chatted with Brittny about her passion for all things fantasy, tips for capturing candid photos, and advice for future couples.

UBG: Tell us about how you got started in photography. What sparked your passion? 

I’ve been a photographer for over a decade. In high school, I bribed my friends to dress up as princesses so I could create fairytale-inspired art. That should have tipped me off to my future career because now my photography and videography are branded toward couples who want timeless art documented in a magical way! 

Brittny Love Photography

UBG: How would you describe your brand, or your photography style? 

I provide whimsical and romantic photography for the fairytale bride and groom.  

UBG: You focus on high-end, artistic images, why are you drawn to this style? 

Princesses deserve royal weddings —and all of my brides are princesses. I do my best to document the reality of their wedding, but with a whimsical and romantic twist. My hope is that the photos represent the event and the couple’s interactions in a dynamic way. 

Brittny Love Photography
Brittny Love Photography

UBG: A lot of couples express nerves or anxiety when getting their photo taken. How do you make clients feel comfortable when working with you for the first time? 

EVERY couple says something like, “We are so awkward in front of the camera!” Yet, every couple loves their photos! The key is documenting their genuine relationship, so they see their true selves in the images. I coach the couple through flattering foundational poses and then prompt conversations and interactions. The laughs, giggles and lovey-dovey eyes happen naturally. Candid, natural poses are the most comfortable for any person! 

Brittny Love Photography

UBG: What made you pursue Boudoir photography?

I had my own boudoir photos taken as a gift for my husband, but through the process, my perspective of myself changed for the better. In my own photos, I saw a strong, beautiful woman who was waaaaay too hard on herself.

My goal with boudoir photography is to empower women to see themselves with more compassion. We develop perspectives of ourselves that may not be whole or completely true. And good boudoir photography allows us to see ourselves from (literally) different angles. Then, we can choose to assimilate that into our self-view. It can be a very empowering tool in a self-love journey!

UBG: What would you say to someone who wants a Boudoir photoshoot but is a little nervous?

Everyone is nervous! Your boudoir experience is likely going to push you a bit outside your comfort zone…that’s the point! We want you to grow, we want you to become more [fill in the blank] (confident, compassionate, self-assured, etc…). And don’t worry….During the photo shoot, I’ll show you a few pictures on the back of my camera and you’ll be so impressed with yourself! That helps the nerves a lot!

Brittny Love Photography

UBG: You travel around a lot to capture life’s precious moments, what made you decide to become a destination photographer? 

Couples who prioritize experiencing a magical, intimate wedding often travel to a unique location that fits their ideal “dream wedding.” Because I love working with couples who are committed to creating a magical wedding experience, I’m willing to travel to help them create the look they’re hoping for. There is something soul-filling in bringing your favorite people to a gorgeous location and committing yourself to your person. 

Brittny Love Photography

UBG: Do you have a dream venue to shoot for a wedding? 

Castles are my favorite! The two I really have my eye on are Gloster House in Ireland and The Swan House in Atlanta.

Brittny Love Photography

UBG: When creating unique styled shoots, what type of aesthetic do you typically aim to create? 

I love all things princess and fantasy! Think of a heroine in a fantasy novel and overlay that onto a wedding. That’s my vibe! That usually looks like pastel colors, romantic poses and whimsical fabrics. 

Brittny Love Photography

UBG: Do you have a favorite or most memorable project, either wedding related or not? 

My brides invest a lot into creating a magical, fairytale wedding, so each of them is uniquely memorable. However, my favorite moment for each of my brides actually happens the day after their wedding when I send them a few sneak peeks of their photos! This is the first time that my bride (who has been stressed over her wedding for ages) sees that all their work has paid off. AND they’re going to have a beautiful album to prove it. 

UBG: Do you have any upcoming projects or shoots that you can share with us?

This Fall, I’m doing a “castle & princess” tour through Scotland. In the spring, I’m planning to travel through France, stopping at every castle I can find. We plan to do a few massive styled shoots there as well. Then we’ll do the same thing in Germany in the summer!

Brittny Love Photography

UBG: What is one piece of advice you would offer an engaged couple?

Plan your wedding the way YOU want it  – not the way your mom wants it. Usually, I recommend choosing your top three priorities and investing to make those perfect. I share a detailed wedding planning guide with each of my clients to help style the ideal look for your wedding!

We featured a styled shoot by Brittny Love Photography in our 2022 issue! You can see every magical photo here.

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