Bright White Bridals at Station Studio, Providence

The perfect location for an intimate bridal shoot or wedding, Station Studio in Providence, Utah served up light-filled, romantic ambiance for Lexi & Brad’s champagne-toast bridal shoot by Tiffany Cito Photography. 

Lexi brought the magic to life when she descended the venue’s spotless spiral staircase decked in sparkle and lace. Her flawlessly simple David’s Bridal gown is a Cinderella-perfect fit, with diffusing lace flowers drawing the gown all the way from strap to hem. Gold accents put the final princess touches on her bridal attire. 

When she met her groom in the center of the studio, Tiffany captured countless beautiful, intimate moments between the pair, from closeups on S.E. Needham rings clinking champagne glasses, to care-free gallops through the studio halls.

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Photography: Tiffany Cito Photography | @tiffanycitophotography
Gown: David’s Bridal | @davidsbridal
Venue: Station Studio, Providence | @stationstudio
Couple: Alexis Giles and Brad Lenkersdorfer | @leximaygiles @b_lenk11

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