Here Comes the Bride

It goes without saying that wedding prep requires a lot of work and—more often than not—a lot of stress.

Every bride shares one dream: to look and feel beautiful on her wedding day.

In order to avoid the stress of bridal beauty prep, we’ve come up with five ideas to lighten the load of wedding day mania, which will hopefully aid in your quest to look absolutely lovely.

After the dress is purchased, the next item that must be considered is jewelry.

We’ve enlisted Katie Waltman to help us out. These 14kt gold Zirconia round earrings are the perfect accessory to accompany any wedding dress. If your dress is detailed with jewels, hair is up or hair is down, these earrings are elegant, yet simple enough to make any bride feel stunning.


To go hand in hand with your diamond earrings, why not consider diamond studded bobby pins?


These Anthropologie beauties are a flawless hair accessory to string through your curls, waves, braids or updo. The subtle sparkle will create a luminous look that will catch the eye of every guest.

Speaking of hair, we’ve got to introduce you to h2blow.


This local blowdry bar and makeup salon is the ultimate spot to prep for your big day. They are willing to accommodate an entire wedding party, not only doing the bride’s hair and makeup, but even the bridesmaids and flower girls. Leave your bridal glam in their capable hands and I guarantee they’ll leave you and your bridal party absolutely glowing.

Now that hair is taken care of, let’s talk nails—or better yet—Nailed Salon & Boutique.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 3.02.31 PM

To say this is the mecca for wedding day prep would be an understatement. Not only will this salon provide you with a pristine wedding mani and pedi, but also with anything else you can think of: waxing, facials, peels, lashes, teeth whitening and tinting. Hurry over to enjoy a day of pampering from people whose goal is to make you look nothing short of ravishing.

Last, but most definitely not least, we’ve got to consider shoes.Though often hidden under layers of tulle and ruffles, wedding shoes are still important. Photographers love to catch a good shot of the bride and groom’s shoes. That being said, it’s crucial that they are comfortable—no bride wants to squeeze her toes into five-inch heels for hours on end.




These J. Crew blush heels check-off the first necessity: a reasonably sized heel. The blush tone embodies class, but also a little glam with the gold-glittered heel (not to mention they are a dream shoe to photograph). Find a variation of this shoe and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goal of bridal brilliance.

Well, there you have it. You’re a few steps closer (cue the jewelry, hair, nail and shoe fairies throughout the valley) to obtaining the bridal beauty look you’ve always been dreaming up since childhood.

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