By Melissa Langford

Flowers are one of the most beautiful components in a wedding. From the bouquet to table centerpieces, flowers are key to setting the tone for the entire day. We sat down with Kellie Jackstien of Artisan Bloom to talk everything floral. Here’s what she had to say.

What are your favorite blooms in season right now?

“I’m obsessed with Hellebores right now. They have great variation of color and despite their delicate appearance, they’re a fairly hardy flower which makes them a great addition to bouquets.”

Photo Credit: Logan Walker

As we begin 2018, what do you foresee happening with future trends in floral design? 

“We’re seeing a slight shift away from the wild, bohemian style.  It’s still relevant and beautiful but in a much more controlled way.  Bouquets will be smaller and little more structured while the softer garden style blooms layered with foliages will create that whimsy and carefree element associated with bohemian design.  Think “controlled chaos.”

Sometimes overlooked, but what’s your take on boutonnieres?

“Boutonnieres are such a small detail to any wedding day, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun detail to focus on. When designing boutonnieres, it’s fun to involve the groom and incorporate his aesthetic. We often see the groom prefer really cool textures like eucalyptus pods, branches or herbs over something overly floral.

I prefer to avoid flowers that are crushable and have pollen. These flowers will not hold up throughout the day and the pollen will stain most fabrics.”

Artisan_bloom_buotonniere _utah_bride_groom
Photo Credit: Logan Walker

With brides getting married in various seasons, what types of flowers are seasonal year-round?

“More than you think. My favorites tend to be hydrangeas, roses, garden roses, lisianthus, ranunculus, and most greenery.  We’re seeing more farms opening in other regions in the world to meet the demands of crops that are more seasonal, which is amazing.  Good wholesalers are now sourcing peonies through the warmer summer months (as late as October) where as in years past, peony crops were limited to spring and very early summer.   It’s impressive to watch these farms and wholesalers keep up the trends in with our industry.”

Photo credit: Pepper Nix

Which blooms hold up all day?

“Great question. A bride’s bouquet endures a lot during a wedding day. Not only is it out of water, it is picked up and put down frequently, faced with various temperature changes, and frequently crushed in loving hugs. Your bouquet needs to be able to stand up to all the stress. Some of our current favorite hardier blooms are ranunculus and garden roses.”

How do you work with people who have allergies?

“Allergens aren’t something your florist can ignore. It is one of  the first questions I ask because we don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable on your wedding day.   If we know in advance  there are so many alternative foliages and flowers out there for us to find a similar replacement.”

Photo Credit: Logan Walker

What is your best advice for brides searching for a florist?

“Find a florist that you personally identify with because you want the experience to be enjoyable. Don’t be afraid of getting to know your florist and asking questions. The relationship you create with your florist will facilitate a more collaborative experience which is always fun.

Also, don’t be afraid to give your florist some creative freedom. There may be blooms or greenery that you have never thought could be incorporated into your flowers. Trust your florist because they are experts in the industry and will put out their best work for your big day.”

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Featured image above: Logan Walker