Stormy Bridals at Arches National Park

Southern Utah has always been held near and dear in the hearts of photographers, especially wedding photographers. The contrast between red rock, wide open skies and white bridal gowns produces an inevitably striking photo. Arches National Park is particularly known for it’s awe-inspiring formations, making the perfect setting for a unique bridal shoot. When couple Wendy and Ashley visited the park in the past, they felts drawn to its raw untamed beauty and decided it would be the perfect spot to tie the knot. While Southern Utah is typically thought to be an arid location, the brides were met with icy winds and stormy skies. Both the couple and photographer Haley Nord saw the troublesome weather as an opportunity for an unforgettable shoot. “I love the way the Southwest looks in a storm,” says Nord. “It magnifies the intensity of the space, and provides a beautiful contrast to the softness of two people in love.” Moody skies seem to amplify the passion between the couple as well, and the impact can be through each image. In one striking photo, Nord notes the feeling of connection to both nature and each other that is captured. “There is this one shot where they are looking at each other, and I love how everything else melts away in that photo.”

“We broke up the day up between sunrise and sunset so they had an opportunity to warm up and have lunch with their family.” Photo by Haley Nord.
Photo by Haley Nord.
“When we went to the second location, both Ashley and Wendy seemed struck by the place.” Photo by Haley Nord.
“I always aim to highlight both the way two people fit together, and in a larger sense, how we all fit into the larger landscape.” Photo by Haley Nord.
Photo by Haley Nord.
The couple chose accents of burgundy and white in their natural-inspired florals. Photo by Haley Nord.
Photo by Haley Nord
Photo by Haley Nord.

Photographer: Haley Nord
Florals: Wild Floral
Venue: Arches National Park

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