Advice for a Bride

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There’s the obvious parts of wedding planning, but there are also the things no one thought to tell you. A well-seasoned wedding photographer, Lindsey Stewart of Green Apple Photography, lets you in on one those secrets . . .

It’s your wedding day, and that is so exciting! A million to-dos are on your list, and your head is probably spinning. As a wedding photographer, I have photographed hundreds of weddings over the years, and I have seen lots of different kinds of weddings, all beautiful, but if I could give a pieces of advice to every bride, it would be the following:

Be yourself!

The happiest weddings are the ones where couples stay true to their own voice. Your wedding doesn’t have to have the most details or the most glamour, but what makes it memorable is when you involve pieces of yourself.

Do you love to read? Incorporate that!

Are you a low-key kind of gal? Keep your make-up simple.

There’s no right or wrong answer, but just remember that this day is about the one you love and the family sharing it with you. All those other bits and pieces are icing, which is delicious and fun, but just a bonus.

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