A Colorful Approach

There was a time when color used to be considered a risky approach when garbing a groom. It was guaranteed to attract attention—and not always the right kind. Today, however, men-of-the-moment are fashionably sporting a variety of haute hues during the big day, and the statement they make is one of pure, personalized style.

Electric blue, salmon, emerald and burgundy are the hot hues of the season. Paired with any bridal gown, vibrant jackets, trousers and suits provide a fresh take on a groom’s getup. Say goodbye to grey and hello to color.

True Gentleman Supply


Visit True Gentlemen Supply Company’s new flagship boutique in Sugar House. Stocked with suit samples, thousands

of fabric options and a tie wall, the haberdashery has a lounge area and big screen TV that invite guys to watch the big game while shopping for their big day.

Green has been all the rage this year and is expected to continue to be throughout next year,” says Trapper Roderick, owner of True Gentlemen Supply Company. “You will start to see more aggressive textures and patterns in green suits. They’re a great choice because the color is clean and fresh yet simple and noticeably unique.”

Red suits are great year-round for making a bold statement instead of opting for a wild pattern,” Roderick says. “A black shoe dresses it up, while a brown shoe makes it more casual. A jacket can also be worn as a blazer with jeans.”

True Gentleman Supply | Photo by Cassandra Farley

Blue is a great look for a casual wedding or for your everyday business casual attire. The blazer is a half-linen, half-wool blend from our Ariston collection (on opposite page). The blazer starts at $1,599,”  Trapper says. “This plaid look can be worn with jeans or a pair of blue slacks depending on the mood you want to give off.”

Utah Woolen Mills


In 113 years of business, Utah Woolen Mills has never ceased to amaze Utah’s evolving fashion scene. For 2018, UWM adds Tom Nox—starting at $395—to their strong lineup of designer offerings. “We aren’t sacrificing quality of luxury, we’re still the same strong brand,” says stylist Taylor Hawkins. “We just want everyone to be able to be a part of UWM.”

The olive suit has been dormant for the past decade, but man, it is back and more beautiful than ever,” Hawkins says. “Olive is such a great color for most people’s skin tones, too. If you’ve passed on olive before, rethink it. It will give you a great color that’s outside the basic navy, charcoal and gray.”

Like olive, the colors and styles of the 70s are back. Burgundy suits satisfy two important categories for today: casual and formal. If you take a look at this man (above), his suit looks very casual and fun, but if paired with a white tux shirt and black bow tie, he could steal the show at any wedding.”

Bright blue has been around for a couple of seasons but is still a must. Brighter blue suits have so much life and color and versatility,”  Hawkins says. “They can be used in any business setting, around the office, at corporate meetings and especially at a wedding. Blues blend so nicely, making them really easy to combine patterns and colors in shirts, ties and pocket squares.”


“This medium-blue twill cloth in a windowpane pattern is worn as a sport coat and paired with a light blue trouser that echoes the shade of the check in the jacket,” Yeats explains. “I like this paired with a chocolate silk knit tie and a spread-collar oxford shirt.”

@Beckett & Robb

“Grooms have more options than ever before to find the perfect color for their weddings. As the days of the rented black tux come to an end, grooms everywhere are experimenting with color and seeing the freshness it brings,” says Beckett & Robb co-owner and CEO Jason Yeats. “Reputable tailors now have access to every color imaginable in wool, linen or cotton.”

A Prince of Wales patterned jacket in a bold shade of purple definitely pops. “Broad-peaked lapels add to the strength of this look. This top works with navy trousers and a navy silk grenadine tie,” Yeats says.

Yeats’s top tip for grooms? Wear complementary separate jacket and trousers rather than a two-piece suit. He says, “Breaking up a louder color has a way of toning down the look while still making a statement.” Investing in custom pieces is wise because they can be worn long after the wedding.

“Here’s a royal blue hopsack jacket in wool and silk, paired with a cotton/linen off-white, trouser. Solids are more formal than patterns, making this pairing somehow both playful and elegant,” says Yeats, who adds a navy grenadine tie and dark loafers to anchor the look.

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