Tip Tuesday: Taking Care of Your Skin

written by: Emily Lopez
This weeks Tip Tuesday talks more about what lies beneath your makeup. Taking care of your skin should be your top priority. Exfoliating your skin can make a significant difference in the way your makeup looks and feels, and doing it on a regular basis offers several benefits. Not only will it give you smoother makeup application, it can also improve skin texture, even out skin tone, prevent blemishes, and also minimize the appearance of pores. There are 2 different ways to exfoliate: Manually & Chemically. You can manually exfoliate by using a Clarisonic, microderm pen, or by washing your face with a gritty cleanser. You can chemically exfoliate by purchasing a cleanser with glycolic or lactic acid, or take it to the next level by scheduling an appointment with an aesthetician for a chemical peel (Great excuse for a pamper session ) If you don’t exfoliate, start now! Your skin [and makeup] will thank you.
(Photo credit: Kate Osborne Photography)
Here are a few of my favorite tried-and-true exfoliating products:
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