3 Ways to Nail a Spring Bridal Session

Camera shy? Don’t be. Before you schedule a bridal session this spring, there are a few things to keep in mind. We get it. This may be one of your first times “modeling” in front of the camera and before you fret, think of what great preparation this is for the big day. All wedding images—from bridals to the “I do”—are investments you’ll have your entire life, so be sure to invest in good planning first.

Wishing for magazine-worthy images? Let photographer Jadie Jo help with these three tips for nailing bridal portraits.


You don’t always need a big, wide open area for bridal photos. This session was done in a small studio. With a little creativity and some fun details, you can still have a gorgeous, unique bridal session.


Brides don’t always think to use a wedding designer for their bridal or engagement session. A designer isn’t only for the wedding day, they are there to make any session you’re having perfect and unique to fit your style. For this session we worked with Fox Heron Collective, who hand died and painted the tapestry for a backdrop. Their creative touch really set the feel for this session.


Brides, don’t be afraid to do things differently. If you have a unique idea for your bridal session or wedding, it doesn’t hurt to run things by your photographer and/or designer, no matter how simple or extravagant it may be.


Photos: Jadie Jo Photography

Styling and art installation: Fox Heron Collective

Macrame and throw handmade by: Bonfire Heart Co.

Dress: Chantel Lauren Designs

Model: Kaitlyn Noelle

Makeup artist: Kelsey Mae Artistry

Film developed and scanned by: The FIND Lab

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