Innovative Ways to Make Your 2022 Wedding Spectacular and Safe

Getting married in the middle of a pandemic?

Planning a wedding in the midst of a pandemic presents unique challenges but also incredible opportunities. If you hear wedding bells in the future for 2022, here are some hints for how to create a safe and sensational celebration.

2022 Wedding Safe

Think Big by Thinking Small 

To make your wedding safe and enjoyable for all involved, you may have to get innovative. Hot tip: Micro-weddings are the new posh. By trimming the guest list you can reduce crowding and relax your budget. Brides are also starting to realize what mind-blowing experiences they can create for 20 guests instead of 200. In the last year we’ve seen small weddings in the middle of the Salt Flats, light tunnels created in the middle of a forest, dinner under a waterfall, and delectable ten-course meals. With a short list of intimate friends and family, you’re free to open your imagination and entertain your most elusive dreams.

Weigh and Minimize Risks in Advance

You owe it to your guests to identify risk factors and take reasonable precautions to minimize them. If asking Grandma to fly in from out of state poses too much risk, consider hiring an event production company to set up filming and virtual streaming for family and friends who can’t attend in person. Avoid crowd congestion and allow for social distancing by opting for an outdoor venue. Or, consider implementing a thought-out event design that prevents “clumping.”

A lot of couples alter their seating areas to accommodate the health concerns of their guests. Adding elements such as bubble tents or igloos, private dining areas or family lounge spaces. Some innovative food options that promote further safety include: 

  • Plated meals encourage everyone to stay seated and require no extra contact surfaces between guests. 
  • Boxed meals allow guests to take food with them instead of sitting for a formal meal.
  • Butler-passed appetizers in lieu of standing buffets  promote social distancing. Charcuterie cones are always a huge hit.  
2022 Wedding Safe


There are plenty of items to customize on your big day, invitations, favors, and place cards—to name a few. But the pandemic blew open a door for creating new details to customize. Masks, sanitizer, soap, towels, water, or even social distancing/selfie sticks can be practical and personal. Get creative and lean into keeping your guests safe. You find fun new ways to make your wedding unique. 

Communicate Expectations

As the host of your celebration, it’s up to you to communicate your safety plan to your guests. A classy insert with your invitation lets people know in advance whether they’ll need to do a temperature check on arrival, show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test, wear a mask, maintain six feet of distance, or whatever safety procedures you choose. Don’t worry about pleasing everyone: You can’t. Everyone’s situation is different. If you communicate clearly and let people know what to expect, they’ll be able to make their own choices about how to celebrate your day with you.

2022 Wedding Safe

Get Help 

The best way to enjoy your big day while staying safe is to hire a social coordinator. Your event planner or day-of coordinator may be perfect for the job. Along with a trained catering team, your social coordinator will direct traffic, answer questions, resolve problems, and make sure that everyone has a safe and spectacular experience.

Photography: Lisa Takke

Meagan Crafts is a local expert and Marketing Coordinator of award-winning catering company Culinary Crafts. You can learn more about their services here!

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