2018 Wedding Dress Trends: Looks from the Runway

Written by Ashley Baker

The 2018 Bridal Fashion show in New York City, donned some of the hottest haute couture from the most notorious designers in the fashion industry.

Recently, I chatted with Pam Hlaing of Salt Lake’s Bitsy Bridal to find out what looks brides can expect for the new year.  On the runways she spotted classics with oh-so-elegant updates.

“Designers and brides are trying to branch out and go for more unique styles versus the cookie-cutter gowns that we saw in the early 2000’s,” says Hlaing, “I’m very excited about all of these trends.”

We hope you are too!

 1. Cap Sleeves

“Cap sleeves are in. Women are going for more of  a modest look lately.  Brides are worried about their arms, so they’re trying to cover problem areas with sleeves,” Hlaing says.

The sleeves you choose for your dress impact the overall vibe and style of the gown. According to Hlaing, strapless gowns are on their way out.


Image courtesy: Michal Medina


Image credit: Hawkeye Photography

 2. Blush and Champagne Colors


 3. Plunging Necklines

“I’m seeing a lot of  half-modest situations,” she says. Many brides are wanting to cover their arms yet emphasize the bust, so plunging necklines are all the rage right now.

Image courtesy: Michal Medina

4.  Accentuated Backs

“I’m seeing a lot of plain, clean gowns with accentuated backs so far. This will carry over into 2018 too,” Hlaing says. I’m also loving this stunning gown!

Image credit: Hawkeye Photography

 5. Simple, Yet Glamorous Gowns

Image courtesy: Michal Medina

 6. Caviar Beading & Art Dec’o Patterns of the 1920’s

“Brides are in the market for unique beading,” says Hlaing.

“Various types and styles of beading are on the rise, designers have listened to requests from brides and so they bring in [sic] gowns like that.”

Glitter and beading play under lighting and the combination adds an element of glamour to the gown.

Sparkles help prevent brides from being washed out by the snow in the winter months.

“Cheap glitter is out while high-end glitter or beading such as Swarovski crystals are in.”

Hlaing advises, “bead fully, or don’t bead at all.”

Geometric patterns and art-deco from the 20’s and 30’s are also hot trends for 2018.

Image credit: Hawkeye Photography


Image credit: Hawkeye Photography

 7. Intricate Lace

While sparkles are great for  winter months, lace makes it’s debut in the spring and summer.

“Unique patterns are requested often. Brides are wanting glamorous, beaded patterns in the lacing,” Hlaing says.

Image courtesy: Michal Medina


Image credit: Hawkeye Photography


The “Art Dec’o”, style of visual arts from the 1920s, inspires Michal Medina’s “Modern Love” collection.


Did we miss anything? Which trends are your faves?

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